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Top Holistic Author, Known For Fighting Big Pharma, Found Dead

  • Oona

    This article might have creedence if the source of her demise was identified as Sinister by her family and the other 59 alternative health care providers who are allegedly deceased in the last 18 months where named so the reader could verify the credibility of the headline. With a lead like that it is imperative to follow up with verifiable sources.

    • acupunk

      There is no verifiable source. 5 minutes googling and you can see for yourself that there is no conspiracy to murder holistic practitioners. This site is click bait bullshit.

  • Philip

    Seems that she died from suicide by hanging. Perhaps she would still be here if her depression was treated with evidence based medicine instead of quackery.

    • Queen Mennon

      Or murder made to look like suicide. The people know what U R doing to them with your evidence based medicine