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Chandra Telescope Shows Invisible Universe: All Stars Are Connected

  • Mukhopadhyay Anirban

    This spider woman is known as Prakriti, Maya or simply Mother Goddess in Indian / Bharatiya spiritual thought.

  • vor24

    The mixing of poetic romantic sentiment and physics is tiresome. It mischaracterizes physics. I like poetic romantic sentiment, healthy social values, and existentialism. But not when it’s misused in what is practically a pseudoscientific way. Not exactly, but almost as unsettling. Likewise, metaphysics is especially tiresome and downright counter-productive. Physics is physics, and existentialism is a separate thing. Stop the conflation of them. Yes morality is the recognition, appreciation, empathy with, and feeling of responsibility for all life…that ‘connection’. But implying that physics is somehow validation, or support of morality, is an unintelligent argument. The message is worthy, but the associations are not ideal, not really valid, they don’t cast science in proper light…and thereby they actual detract from the credibility of the message, not add to it. “That” is part of why metaphysics is a disservice. Morality can and should be defined and supported by direct arguments, not fanciful dreaming sounding ‘stardust’ sentiment.

    • István Kocsis

      Science is only one form of collecting knowledge from our universe. There are many other sources too fg. meditation, art, poetry, music, religion etc. If you segregate them and pick on science alone you will never see the whole story. 🙂
      By the way (positive)science is the highest level of spirituality… 🙂

  • István Kocsis

    Great, through Chandra we can see that the universe is ONE and Chandra can’t yet even detect the neutrino radiation betwenn each star…
    Spider Woman’ story is important but there were people whom knowledge about the all was much more exact as a myth. 🙂
    I highly recommend the work of Walter Russell those whom want to see the whole as ONE.