Scientific Proof That Your Thoughts Actually Affect The Physical World

  • Deena Patrick

    The theory holds true, as the left eye bias with horses, negative pictures shown to the horse indicates a perceive threat and in this case the positive and negative emotions has the same impact on the rice.

    • Prashant

      Horse and rice aren’t the same. Horses have senses. A negative picture means something to them and they have a brain to process this information. Horses see various images every moment and have evolved the sense of sight and the processing in the brain for their survival. Of course they can react in some form to negative images.

      I am not aware of any rice that has been able to protect itself after receiving any sensory inputs. There must be a difference between horse and rice.

  • Prashant

    Sorry, no science here for miles.
    The message about children is useful. However, rice don’t have ears! And they don’t know language!

    There is no sign of even logic in this ‘scientific’ experiment. Even if you believe in positive and negative ‘vibes’ or some kind of waves, all three rice samples are near each other. All three will get the same vibes/waves. It’s crazy to see what ideas are sold and bought in the name of science.

    • mooslinge

      I agree

    • Kevin Fricke

      If the results of the experiment could be repeated successfully then the scientific method can be said to be reliable. If it is consistently clear that the race is been damaged each time in the experimental group, Then you have scientific validity in the experiment. Of course you have to have a control group to rule out other factors that may be causing the rice damage. Since waves of energy are so small, then by relativity , the containers are not very close to each other. One needs not to be so quick to condemn a possibility that might be frightening to certain people.

      • Prashant

        While I would love to see the experiment repeated by someone several times to see if the results are repeated, as you have suggested, I would have no expectations from it. That’s perhaps why nobody has rushed to try it after knowing about this experiment. It wouldn’t cost much time and money.

        The entire hypothesis of this experiment is based on faith-healing, which has never been proven by any scientific studies. This just an attempt by a faith healer to prove that such things work. It would be believable if the hypothesis was made by a person of science after some scientific reasoning. Pseudo-science will constantly try to prove that there is science in it.

        • Resist_Tyranny

          HAHAHA… “faith healing”? WTF dude?:) That’s silly. It is based on the Fact that we live in a conscious universe and everything is connected:) And the experiment has been scientifically proven, meaning, repeatedly.

          • Scarlet Hillary Presti

            In terms of science nothing is ever proven, just supported.

        • Alessandro J. Boggian

          I actually met Dr. Emoto some years ago and he explained his ice crystals and how they are affected by emotions. He didn’t give me the impression of being particularly religious, on the contrary. He is a rigorous scientist, yet he admitted that in order to prove his theories, much more advanced studies are needed.
          Btw, Charles Darwin wrote the same thing on his famous book which most have not read. Scientists are still trying to prove his theory, though it is the most likely on hand until now, evolution hasn’t been proven yet.

      • Eddita Felt

        T control group his was done in Dr. Masaru Emoto’s experiments. This article is just a brief synopsis of his work. Read Dr Emoto’s books and see his film for more detailed information.

    • jakenbox

      Be water

    • Nicole Evans

      buddy learn about the law of attaction before you say anything

      • treblehook

        I’d have to see an extraordinary amount of research and control manipulation before I’d buy anything like this. I’d want to have this test performed with all known variables better controlled and analyzed, namely light, gas composition, water composition, seal integrity, acoustic volume, language, tonal spectrum, rice homogeneity, etc. This has nothing to do with the law of attraction which is in and of itself pseudoscience as often marketed. What is true is that devoting mental energy to positive or constructive things helps re-map the brain in a physical way, the same way we create memories.

        • jonzy28

          Feel free as many times as you like until you are satisfied with your results and get back to me. The only costs are time, three jars, rice and water.

    • Ayatollyahso

      I would like to believe this on face value ; but, were the beakers sterilized before the rice and water were added? They should have been covered to prevent airborne bacteria from contaminating the samples.

  • Marco Le Large

    You can’t go wrong with being nice but this is a load of bollocks

    • Resist_Tyranny

      Why does being nice work then?

  • crabramblings

    Errm. Not completely sure that using a sample size of one for each condition constitutes proof. I just tossed a coin and it came out tails. Which scientifically proves that when coins are tossed they come down tails. Or does it?

  • Resist_Tyranny

    Of course. No surprise here. We live in a conscious universe where everything is connected.

  • Michael A Crawford

    If your children are made up of rice… ignore them and take them to a doctor….

  • Ccpi-The Hub Jackie Meador

    Just curious, does anyone know if this experiment is done with cooked or uncooked rice?

  • Lyon G. Zonamyari

    This article by Lyon Zonamyari takes it to the next level. Vegans will love the finale.

  • dawnbreakofday

    Ok, so it’s been peer reviewed? Nope, thought not…

  • Kevin Perrott

    Not science. Don’t pretend it is. If you want to believe that “thinking at things” affects them, that “prayer at a distance” works or any other kind of “consciousness affecting reality by non-physical means” you are going to have to do a lot better than putting some rice in a beaker and watching it ferment/rot… hilarious… It’s like people from 500 years ago were transported to the future and are trying to show everyone how smart they are about science. Why not proper experiments with proper controls? It wouldn’t cost much to set up the experiment properly.. but of course, why be rigorous when you’re preaching to people who already believe in stuff that isn’t real.. it’s an easy sell to the gullible.

  • Stefan Gössler

    Emoto calls his Water Sculptures “Art” and not science. His work could not be reproduced in any way so there’s no scientific basis for your idea here. sorry.

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