Man Has Patented Technology That Will Destroy Monsanto and Save The World From GMO’s

  • Jim Walters

    I like Paul as well as his work . . . but now? I fear for his life.

  • Deacon Wellman

    Couldn’t you just put a fungicide in the pesticide to wreck the ‘smart’ pesticides?

  • Eric Brodrick

    Errr – Can someone point out to this genius, and the ignoramus who wrote the article, that Glyphosphate is a herbicide (ie it kills plants) and what Paul Stamets has “invented” is an insecticide or insect repellent (ie kills insects, not plants) …..
    You’re comparing apples and coconuts baby…..

  • Flashtony

    Anyone knows the game “The last of us” or the movie “Jurassic Parc”? Scares the shit out of me!