Science Confirms That People Can Absorb Energy from Others

  • Seraphin Scharf

    Bullshit. Grounded means no energy stealing, like saying no to someone. Fear Integration!

    • Dan

      Which is exactly what the article is saying too. So what is your point / whats the ‘bullshit’?

  • Pauline

    I have always felt other people’s energy. For example. yesterday I had a Doctor’s appointment.. When I walked into the waiting room the energy felt really bad. I sat there for about 15 min. then got up, rescheduled and left. When I stepped outside I took a deep breath and I felt so free. Is there anyway to not be so sensitive to others energies?

  • Darth Vader

    golden shower a? 🙂

    • https://web.facebook.com/GeordanAllenRowley Geordan Allen Rowley

      I know!!!! Bahahaha!

    • Natasa Komlenic

      ahahahaha 🙂

    • Travis Lee Wilbur

      Ummm, yeah. That was my first thought, too.

  • http://www.rtwholesale.com/ Star Carlton

    I like to steal energy from street lights. They go out when I pass by them.

    • Travis Lee Wilbur

      I’ve noticed one or two going out (every so often) as I drive by on my way to work, too.


  • Klaus

    Since when are people phototrophic?

  • michael b

    The photo is counterproductive to the article. The effect has to do with intermingling fields which is nothing like sharing breath. Please find something that is not so vampirish to accompany this important article.