Big Pharma Just Changed the Definition of High Blood Pressure: Statin Drugs Sales Expected to Explode  

  • Szymon Baranowski

    In Poland it was always 120-80 for normal blood pressure. I was always convinced it varies depending of person since ppl aren’t all the same and 120-80 is underestimation since most of ppl live normally with higher. I always had 120-80 myself and still consider myself a peron with a bit lowwer blood pressure than natural average.

  • Sherry

    How will taking statins improve blood pressure?? I must be missing something here.

  • Kenric L. Ashe

    Scientific references for all the health risk claims please? For me to present to my doctor. 🙂

  • Teresa

    I’m all for using alternative meds and/or cannabis to treat health issues. But this article is ridiculous. The fact is that patients need to make changes when the BP starts to creep up over 120/80. And medications are not the first treatment options. Diet, exercise, stress reduction, etc come first.

  • Ian Manson

    GC Hospital after driving running up 3 floors, sitting waiting for 5 min or so blood pressure was taken – result 135 / 83 – suggestion by cardiac intern (after consulting with the cardiac specialist I was there to see) (presume they charged the system for his/her presence) was that my BP was too high
    BP was once considered to be normal if it was within the range of 125 + your age ….those days are well gone thankfully my knowledge is a little better than what was suggested & I refused the medication