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If You’re Annoyed By Others Chewing, You May Be A Genius!

  • Elleblue Jones

    Sometimes I feel as if I’m having a breakdown the noises are so loud.

  • Roman Marquez

    People who can’t stand chewing are selfish idiots who end up getting their wish when all their teeth fall out , if they’re such geniuses how do they stand the noise they make?

    • Kay

      because they can control it when it is them and chew softly and chew a small amount of food. It isn’t the chewing itself, or how much they have in their mouth, it’s more along the fact that people chew with their mouth open and smack their lips. Most people eat like pigs. slamming food into their mouths to completely overfill it as they chew, and can’t keep their mouth shut while chewing the food.

      • Roman Marquez

        So what , eating is personal , I grew up feeding animals and I don’t mind seeing and hearing them enjoy eating , it’s crazy and selfish to regulate the inside of someones mouth it’s borderline creepy , you’ll find yourself eating alone .

        • Shoshannah Marie LaMoureaux

          Crazy and selfish to expect decent manners and common courtesy. Hmm Who knew!

          • Roman Marquez

            That kind of courtesy isn’t common.

  • Fran Joseph

    or you have recruitment – a symptom of a sensory neural hearing loss.

  • Bets72521

    This is poorly written, with multiple, egregious mistakes. Clearly the author is not one of the geniuses being referenced. Click bait.

  • Shoshannah Marie LaMoureaux

    Five sentences on the topic or am I missing something?