Inside The Mind Of A Girl Who Has Been Broken By A Narcissist

  • Deena Patrick

    This article was written by a man, the topic is Inside The Mind Of a Girl. Notice not, Inside The Mind Of a Woman. That is enough to let you know, that men are capable of being Narcissists, this word gets flung around when people do not understand the true meaning of the word. My sister was called a narcissists because she decides she doesn’t want to do something anymore. The person that called her a narcissists was a guy. This article says you may not know you are with one until it is too late. That could be so for many people, but not for me, I have taken abnormal psychology and In a situation and find it to be unbearable, what they need to know is who has the power in a relationship? If you allow yourself to be manipulated, then this article would be correct. However there are a lot of people who use this word, without having the true understanding of what a narcissists is. A comment or statement that someone makes, does not declare that a person is in a Narcissists situation. When someone makes a statement or a comment does not mean they believe in that comment a hundred percent.