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7 Signs Someone You Met Is An Earth Angel

  • Darlene Adair

    I have always believed that some people and some animals are angels in disguise w hen they risk .e all have. I have many photos of orbs. They just appear in photos but you can’t see them with your vision as they are in a different dimension than we are and I firmly believe that they are angels that are just checking on us in this dimension .

  • steve shiflett

    I met one years ago after a bicycle accident. I didn’t know it, but had a collapsed lung, broken ribs and a broken clavicle. I was having problems breathing with my one lung and all the pain. She was in a car and said, “I’m a doctor.” Then she held my hand and looked deep into my eyes and said, “Relax and breath normally.” The eyes, the voice and her touch caused me at once to have a sense of peace. I can still see the eyes. Then she got in the car and left. Unfortunately, she didn’t have wings and she wasn’t bare breasted as this article indicates.

    • Maria Janice Jarito

      im curious ..did u see her again?

      • steve shiflett

        No, never knew who she was. I always wanted to thank her… But maybe that is a better part of angles. I spend the better part of my life thanking her by returning the kindness she visited upon me to others. It’s a reasonable response.

  • Mahmoud Anwarzai

    Very true! I am going through this experience in my life at that golden age of 42! I have a very sweet and very beautiful angel that I’ve crossed paths with about 9 months ago! She truly is an amazing angel and soul! I love her so much and so many ways! I love life and I love the universe, the worlds, humans and I definitely love, love, love, love, love… my angel! She is the greatest angel ever!