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10 Of The Most Mysterious Discoveries Made On Earth

  • Pieter TwoTurtle Tassel

    I’d say the knife is part of a statue as it has the shape at the end to fit into a shaft of a spear.

    • Claus Michael Mikkelsen

      I think you are right about that

  • Deena Patrick

    Looking at all the different findings in this article, can leave much to the imagination. But supposedly archaeologists, can conclude and compare it to another historic time. But what really tells the archaeologists what kind of man lived during that period,are artifacts of human bones from earliest man. Usually there is fossilization of some kind that would show even some creatures, plants that could have existed during that period and none are mentioned in any of the articles. So why is there no evidence of any living things except stones configured for early man survival. Could Gabon have a Nuclear wipe out and killed off all life? What kind of animal existed during ancient civilization were capable of pulling the vehicles. The rounds concrete spheres dated 300AD that no one can figure out, what actually were they used for? could they have represented some godly figure. The Longyou caves the lithographic carved art work on the cave walls look well defined. Makes you wonder what kind of tools they had back then? Early American Indians some of their tools were made out of churt,a dark blue flat rock. The underwater caves indicates that there was some kind of civilization but may have come to a end during some epic flood. The ceremonial complex at Sacsayhuaman, scientist are stunned at the tight closure of the stone. Rocks and stone exposed to certain climates will expand and contract under conditions, one doesn’t know at that time how far they were originally space.The large knife found at the bottom of the ocean could have been attached to a very large statue to wart off the enemy, or may there could have been giants that may have walked the earth during that time, but without any fossils to indicate as proof a lot of the ancient findings could take many more years to figure out, what kind of early ancient man actually looked like what did they eat, what animals existed, and what caused there civilization to a end. Archeology can resolve a lot of question to things that once walked the earth and maybe someday they will have more answers for the ones mentioned in this article.

  • lelu Sunshine

    I like articles this. It leaves you deeply wondering just who made these incredible sculptures and for what. Their life revolved around , and with such dedication, to God or a particular God, that they worked endlessly to devote these monuments to. The ancient cities are absolutely incredible given they didn’t have modern day tools and heavy equipment machines. It’s fascinating.

  • W. Hunter


  • Ian Chafer

    I see Giant Mechanical Designs in all ancient ruins of this nature..i see Circuit boards, that were used to harness the energy of the Universe…Sound waves and torsion fields..everywhere and the clues in Plain Sight..hidden from Public Knowledge..scientists are taught from False Text, written by Victorian Scientists with No Knowledge of such technology as we have today, so had no idea at what they wqere looking at…