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Alien Probe on Mars? Curiosity Rover Stumbles Upon a Levitating Sphere, Everyone is Baffled

  • Vicki Jackson

    An alien message would mean an end to all religions? Is the author hoping for this because that statement has no logic. Questioning everything I’ve been told? Religions have never addressed alien life one way or another. What’s to question ye men of little faith?

    • istvan_designs

      Why would you think something of that? If alien civilizations do exists what has to do that with religion? I’m not a religious person but I belive in GOD. A God that is supreme to all of us and all of our knowledge.A Lord, a Creator. I think and belive that all of us were created by a Inteligent form or thing but I have doubt that this Creator exists and acts in such ways that were describe in The Bible.