8 Predictions for 2018 from the man who foresaw ‘Brexit’ and Trump winning the elections

  • Jesseca Sickle

    H he’s wrong on trump!

    • Onyx


    • Onyx

      Trump is the man and has accomplished more in less than 1 year than Obama did in 8

      • Drew Vetter

        True that! If you are looking at what was acomplishished in the destruction of the planets environment and giving more wealth to those who do not need it at the expense of those who struggle financially.

      • dina

        Can you specifically list the things he has done and remember President Obama has a republican congress that stopped everything he tried to do.Be specific.

  • Zaneta Stoimenova

    When energy is used for destroying of course that weather will change.

  • dina

    Hope he’s wrong about trump.