A Boy from Mars Claims All Humans Live Forever and “People Just Like Us Are On Mars”

  • Geebo Harris

    What a load of shit.

    • Monika Lund Carlin

      Go away troll. Just because you don’t get it, and it to you seems impossible, does not mean it is not true. Open your mind and embrace the magnificence of our multitude.

      • Geebo Harris

        You’re a fucking idiot, mate. In case you missed it we’ve had probes on Mars for decades, no people there.

        • DavePrice

          lol, you are a brainwashed fool. go have a big glass of tapwater and turn on your ” Programming” on tv. you would not be responding to this if you did not see something honest and true in it. you just need to grow a spine to even accept the idea of researching this true info.