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A massive, mysterious Hole has just opened up in Antarctica and experts cant explain it

  • Newskster

    Men from Outer Space?

    • Zero11s .

      doesn’t exist

    • Dee Overy

      Too many BEANS!

  • Mike Difortuna

    Hollow earth theory?

  • Horseman Oz

    What a load of BS. It is NOT on the surface of Antarctica. It is a polynya, an open area of sea ice and they come and go for many natural reasons. They also play an important role in the ecosystem, allowing air-breathing mammals to surface for air, for many to hunt, and as an important rest break for migrating penguins. Misleading, deceptive headline and article written as clickbait for the tinfoil hat brigade.

    • frankblank

      That sounds true, but I think it may be Kreekbljumf, the penguin god, opening a space almost big enough to hold Trump’s lies.

      • Christopher Chance

        Yeah, because he’s not powerful enough to make it big enough for the lies of anyone on the left snowflake.

        • David Farquharson


        • John Hodkinson

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          • Donth8teme

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        • Donth8teme

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          • Christopher Chance

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          • Donth8teme

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      • Lynn

        Why? Don’t you have anything more intelligent to say? What are you? 12?

        • Ronnie Solbakken

          I honestly think you’re the one who seems like a 12-year-old, judging from the fact that you totally missed his obvious joke that implies that he’s actually agreeing with Horseman Oz but making fun of the crazy kooks who would attack him, much like someone like Doug B Walker, who just now played the tiresome but populistic “Illuminati Slave” card.

      • Doug B Walker

        you have had obama and the clintons blowing smoke up your ass for so long you think lies are truth and truths are lies! washington has a big hole too called the swamp, and its not natural

        • Donth8teme

          Blah blah blah is all we see.

        • Kathy Scarpati

          Is that where they put all the bodies of those who oppose them?

    • Steve Wilson

      thank you mr wizard

    • http://www.FocusBella.com RichBella

      I don’t wear tin foil hats but this could mean Cybertron is coming!!

  • John Alan Read

    Diameter of 30,000 square miles. (i’m not sure if the author who wrote this, knows what units diameters are measured in.).

    Did you mean “Area of” ?

    • DME

      looks like they changed it. Great catch.

      • Jim Braman

        Nope, still there “diameter of around 30,000 square miles” LOL

    • Gene Woodard

      my thoughts exactly. when i saw that in the article it was like hitting a speed bump!

  • Emily Elizabeth Windsor-Cragg

    So, a lake has formed, melted. Why is this such a big deal? Aren’t we experiencing warming other places?

    • Anthony Fitzgerald

      It’s not a lake. This hole is in the ice shelf so the exposed water is part of the ocean.

      • Steve Spyrison

        Antarctica is not an ice shelf – it is a land continent covered by ice. if there is open water- that is way NOT normal….

        • Anthony Fitzgerald

          I know it is a continent but there is a massive ice shelf surrounding Antarctica and the hole is in that, not over the continental plate. It actually explains that in the article!

          • Steve Spyrison

            True. This, combined with the crack that led to a huge portion of the ice shelf earlier this year are big changes for Antarctica, which has usually not reflected as much of the global climate change as much as the rest of the world. That and the bombardment of hurricanes this year, weird extreme western US fires, and Calif ( which appeared to be DEW initiated), and similar events around the world. An intense year for sure.

        • James Childress
    • Gene Woodard

      the fascinating issue is that it formed in the dead of winter for the south pole – when temperatures are at their coldest

  • lelu Sunshine

    I think this writer has dyslexia. Just saying.

    • http://www.ubersteiner.com Stephen John Roberts

      bitch – just saying 666

    • Lynn

      Dyslexia is not funny!

      • lelu Sunshine

        I did not say it was funny did I. I have dyslexia. Assholes, shut the fuck up.

  • me



  • Per Jørgensen

    Nazi’s from the Moon. 😉

    • Zero11s .

      you can’t land on a display system

  • Alan E Stevens

    Heat plume from undersea volcano.

  • John Pollard

    has to be aliens

  • https://kresica1025.wordpress.com/ Krešimir Pavlović



  • John Console
  • Robert

    Caused by the venting of nuclear submarines.

  • Chris Marchan

    Unlike the Arctic regions, the Antarctic has an entire continent under the ice. So how could a hole the size of Maine reveal the open ocean? SO MANY typos in this story leave me feeling dyslexic.

    • Anthony Fitzgerald

      The hole is not over the continent. There is a vast ice shelf around Antarctica and that is where the hole appeared.

  • Cristhian Ruiz Ricardez


    • CasioMaker

      So apparently, everything comes tumbling down, tumbling down~

  • http://www.iseebitcoins.com/ iseebitcoins.com

    Entrance to the center of the earth

    • Chinnappah Thiruvarudchelvan

      It proves Hollow earth theory

  • Maximilian Schwab

    Just a couple of suggestions .. only a VERY few countries use imperial units of measurement, as you should know, the metric system should begetter and for the same reason, nobody outside of maybe the US and Canada should know about the measurements of your lakes.

  • Anthony Fitzgerald

    My thoughts are that Ivan needs to improve his English skills.

  • Steve Spyrison

    Adm Byrd and the Germans in their Neuschwabenland Exp both discovered a warm, fresh water lake
    in the middle of Antarctica, there is even footage of this on youtube. But that lake was 300+ square miles. If this is 30,000 Sq mi, – that is a huge difference.

  • Junior Jones

    a hole found in an ice covered ocean approximately 18 to 20 miles in Diameter and nothing worth reporting other that a hole in a layer of 1/4 of a mile thick-ice is a mystery by itself. Not knowing how deep the hole and rather or not the hole breaks threw the ice into the Ocean below. Not enough information is provided to make a good guess. With limited information; my thoughts are limited to possible Tornatic Activites or what’s called “Dust-Devils” in the Desert. There could be Snow-Devil/Mini Tornatic Activities! I believe; jj

  • Dee Overy

    Too Many BEANS being consumed by the U.S. Base personnel! I warned them about this, but did they listen to me? NOOoooooooo!

  • meteoadvanced
  • Chisna

    I was thinking either a undersea volcano / vent. Or there has been a change
    in a undersea current which is directing warmer water to surface in that area.
    Either way, Antarctica is starting to see some warming. The temperature anomalies
    aren’t as severe as they are in the Arctic. But they are becoming much more frequent.
    Todays temp. anomaly map for Antarctica. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/9f013da3f38b5b1f43a8037d71ee9c67c2eab7287f208668756a5e9f1a270f1b.png

  • Ray Hill

    I love how this whole article is plagiarized lmao. Check out some credible information here! https://news.nationalgeographic.com/2017/10/sea-ice-hole-antarctica-southern-ocean-spd/

  • getreal5

    I’d say underwater volcano raising water temps to above zero f.

  • deren247

    yeah right..if the earth was round and antarctica was at the bottom and a hole opened up then all the gravity would fall out..this is fake news

    • Lynn

      Too funny, deren247. At least I read that as a joke.

  • Stephen D. Phippen

    The druids are working on repairing the earth…………maaaaan….

  • James Childress

    If ice is melting in the middle of the continent, the most logical explanation is geothermal. Air temp alone will not melt that much ice.

    • realist69

      So the water underneath has warmed? Could this be the beginning of a big crack?

  • Doctor von Wer

    Fake fake fake fake and more fake bullshit.

  • Byebye James

    I know this storyline. Next, is biological matter identified from Mars is found in Antarctica. You heard it here first. First, for fake news.

  • Doug B Walker

    so called experts can’t explain it… i thought they knew everything NOT

    • Ronnie Solbakken

      Idiots, on the other hand, with zero experience, education or anything of relevance whatsoever, can explain this phenomenon perfectly…

  • Mearyeaurng

    North Korean did that. lol

  • Ronnie Solbakken

    So… the Antarctica has terrain and isn’t perfectly flat… oh… kay…

  • Tracy Baublits

    It’s just the creatures that actually run the earth warming up the control jets occasionally. We are just parasites, they don’t give a damn about us.