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British Astronaut Tim Peake makes shocking statements about Alien life

  • Tomas Hutchins

    Life is everywhere through the universe ,this is not news .But the interesting thing is that not need to be beings like humans ,Life evolve in everywhere the conditions are created .intelligent beings can be in any form ,their biologic not need to be the same way that us .life disperse through the universe like the spore’s of fungus ,and evolved under the influence of environment surrounding .Is scaring that from the deep of the space one day and aggressive ALIEN specie can come to our planet and erase us as specie here in earth .

  • John

    Why is this shocking or surprising. Just look around the earth at all the different life forms. They are everywhere, of course there is other life out in space. Anyone who thinks we are it is awful full of themselves.

  • Peter Colley