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Chinese scientists successfully complete the first intercontinental teleportation

  • Jennifer Johnson

    References check out, but why is there no date on this article?

    • Dave H

      The source code says 10/3/17

      • Jennifer Johnson

        Thank you!

  • Box1Car

    In 1964 RocketDyne solved the problem of how to CALIBRATE rocket thrusters for docking in space> Proven out by Gemini in 1965, NO ONE was going to the moon or back w/o this capability> Took Chinese over 50yrs later to achieve this capability, Russians a bit sooner w/their lauch of Soyous & rendezvous w/space station, so U can bet US scientists R already doing this> I interviewed w/a computer company in Oregon that uses a mirror to interconnect ALL of its circuitry w/in same time frame to process TERABITES of info in milliseconds

    • mckendrick

      Is ‘proven out’ the same as ‘proven’?

  • Jerry G.

    The teleportation of quantum type particles was done in the US and in some of the European countries several years ago. We must admit the capability of being able to do this even at the quantum level is a feat in itself. The single particle or group of particles must be positively identified, then after transport identified again to be make sure the particles viewed are the authentic ones.

    Since the quantum particles are energy particles, there is no actual mass to energy conversion and back again as like being able to transport a physical object of sorts as like we are used to seeing and handling. They are a very long way from being able to teleport an actual physical object. The conversion to energy process in itself would destroy it. As for being able to encode a physical object to travel along a radio frequency beam of some type would require a huge amount of energy, and computing power beyond anything we can have at this time. With present technology they are very far from being able to accomplish this type of thing.

    An example of teleportation but making a reproduction of energy is the transmission of pictures or sound. It is really an optical or sound wave type reproduction of the original object, but not the actual transport of such an object.

  • Paulo Custodio

    The teleportation was concerned to quantum properties and not destroy particles and recreate them at some other place. The teleportation as viewed in Star trek is physically and computational impossible. There are several constraints that forbiddes it: 1) the conversion of energy must be explosive , 2) cost, 3) power computation, 4) instabilities, 5) speed of light constraint, etc.
    All these factors forbidde the teleportation of macro bodies to other places.

    By: Paulo Sergio Custodio, Prof, phD in Physics.