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The Discovery of the Century: Have Researchers Found the Mythical Hall of Records?

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  • Steve LaFontaine

    not the hall of records. the emerald tablets say plainly where it is. if you go in a straight line from sphynx to pinnacle of great pyramid and continue past it the same distance as from the sphynx you will find the location of the hall of records.

    • J Burdick

      How do you know this?

      • Lorena Zavala

        Read The Emerald Tablets of Thoth, they are free in pdf form online. In is is described the hall of records and the halls of amenti, also underground.

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    Forget the damn pop-ups. Use Ad Block!! But more to the POINT here…. Why is it that ALL the writers for EWAO, are incapable of editing their own writing?? Good god…the syntax and so for, SUCKS!! In addition… The fact that “this discovery” has been kept away from society is NOT mysterious at all. The CREEPS that run the world, don’t want ANYONE knowing about ANYTHING that might clue them in to their own POWER AND STRENGTH. They manipulate all humans constantly. They hide anything and everything that might help humans to WAKE UP. FIGHT BACK, PEOPLE!!! The answers are THERE. All you have to do, is PUT DOWN THE DAMN REMOTE, AND START YOUR OWN SEARCH/RESEARCH!! You WILL discover the many, many, many ways these BEASTS have been controlling you, and making you SICK with pesticides….chemicals in everything you eat…fluoride in your water, airplanes dropping toxic chemicals into the air…genetically modified “food” that is making the human race STERILE…the media that tells you lies, day after day…all the ads and commercials that keep you wanting..wanting…and MORE WANTING, of crap you don’t NEED…and so on and so on….and most humans BUY INTO ALL THIS SHIT-CRAP LYING!!! Just like most Americans still believe all the HYPE about 2/11….because they just can NOT believe that “their own government” would DO “such a thing”. Well they DID do such a thing!!!! They are LIARS, WHO ARE MANIPULATING EVERY SINGLE THING!! 2/11 was “created” so that the U.S. could have an EXCUSE to invade the Middle East, to take over all the oil production. Don’t you even know THAT MUCH, about your “precious government??” And things are going to get WORSE…much, much worse. Have you NOTICED lately, how HOT each summer gets, from the year before?? What about all the fires? Or hurricanes? WHY do you think these things are happening? Hmmm?? You’d BETTER get your heads out of your asses, people. START PAYING ATTENTION, AND START DOING RESEARCH. Before it’s too late. Yeah…and as the PHONY “WAR AGAINST DRUGS” slogan says…..JUST SAY NO!! <—By the way…who do you think PAID to have massive quantities of hard-core drugs brought into the U.S.? LOOK IT UP!!!

  • Patrick E. Maycroft

    If you think it’s still there or anywhere….. I am sure the world’s governments and the Vatican have seized them all by now