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A Giant Discovery That Overshadows the Pyramids of Giza: Long-Lost Pyramids Confirmed in Egypt

  • John M Jensen

    Evidence of sea shells at these locations matches evidence of a tidal shoulder on the Giza Plateau. Originally there was aluvial deposits (that have since been cleared away) about 18′ deep around the base of the Great Pyramid. C-14 dating of marine material of those deposits returned dates of 12,000+ YBP. The great thing about this find is the sea shells on the above site can be C-14 dated, and if they match, as I suspect they do, the aluvial material on the Giza Plateau as well as the Valley of the Whales, we will just add additional proof to the fact that the Giza Plateau was inundated to a height of over 810′ over the then current sea level circa 12,900 YBP. Coincidentally, the exact date of the Younger-Dryas impact event. The reason all Egyptologist deny the inundation, is that no one can account for “Where” 810 feet of sea water suddenly came from, and where did it “disappear” to? The answer is in my free book “Earth Epoch” available almost everywhere online. iBooks, Barnes and Noble, Google Books, and here: http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/536932. Again, it is Free.

    Thanks, John Jensen

  • naceks

    there are quite a few “hills” like this in Tunisian desert…

  • The DUKE

    That Stargate is just laying out there collecting dust too!