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  • Setya Budi


  • Vincent Carron

    i started paying attention to his oscillator project which is very interesting and in mid 90s i started hearing about other invention’s of his on coast to coast am radio and until 2 year’s ago any other inventions Tesla had were pretty vague no real specific’s until a few days ago and i have been reading about his time travel experiment’s and reading about not just his very amazing free electricity invention theory’s but also how he disagreed with Einstein’s theory saying it was not all correct and could prove it in a interview that was finally released after 100 year’s i read this a very interesting story and bio back ground he had met mark twain as a example fascinating reading and finally when someone broke into his home they stolen everything from research paper’s and note’s also blue print’s of his invention’s and working theory’s it has been said the us government were the one’s who did this to further their own agenda’s by stealing from Tesla’s idea’s and invention’s from someone who had working idea’s and invention’s so they could build them or build on them or prevent certain idea’s from taking place such as free energy ? so it has been a very interesting reading everything about Nikola Tesla isn’t it funny he knew then 100 year’s ago then we do now today ? thank you for listening .