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Earth’s Magnetic Field is Collapsing, Scientists Say Our Planet’s Poles are About to Flip

  • http://atillakingthehun.wordpress.com/2014/08/13/mh17-amsterdam-kuala-lumpur/ Joe Hunter

    I’m take it easy now, because U know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about our Planet!!! There is no a molten inner core, there is no collapsing of the magnetic field (instead of this, there is a primer field!), and the superdense core of our planet turns with a healthy magnetic field together!!!

  • Michael

    This article is full of typos and grammatical errors. Quite pathetic apart from being wrong in many places.

    • Neil Lynn

      Not only is the article barely literate, the author, Ivan, apparently has no credentials other than that he serves as an editor of something. If this is a sample of his writing, Wow. Put it on the ignor list.

  • Raspberry bibingka

    Blowhard article. The switch would hapeen suddenly, and go unnoticed by most. It would have to time with a strong magnetic storm to allow significant damage.

  • Freedspeak

    This may sound harsh, but 100,000 people out of nearly 7B, “may” die due to this? More people die naturally per year than this.

  • Kevin Martin

    The article is alarmist crap. That, and this ignorant moron is the type of people this site evidently attracts!
    I’m sorry, but….caucasoids? Black people vibrate? And how are any of us responsible for the sun heating up? LMAO

  • Łukasz Adamus

    if there is more metal on the ground than in its brisket, the magnet will start repelling and it will not turn away