Elon Musk warns: Artificial Intelligence is highly likely to destroy humans


    how i open this article. in the whole websitei m not able to do anything? I m really interested to read . plz guide

  • Tee Gee

    so as the lesson from terminator………… many terminator movies we loved to watch …….and thats it…every movies seems to have its own way of predicting the future.we loveed to see………now i think with ai tech we should all watch in marathon the terminator worlwide… just to remind us if this two robots can cause this kind of chaos what more the others can create ..definetly in the end human cant win thats why the teletransportationis needed to go back in time and stop the development of an ai … dont we see it thru movies it s not now a created by writers imagination it has its wonder reality … only if we had super man and wonder woman iron man flash .or the justice league the avengers the revengers …

    way science is going too far.. they seek formula for long life,yet they created ai for long life.. until such time robot population and human are for what do robot needs human.when they rule …

  • Silje Engelskvold

    Humans destroy humans.They make guns,and programs of war.Artificial intelligence,might in fact save us all.