Everything Wrong With Our Society, Explained In A 4-Minute Film [Video]

  • karan

    then what else should we do. it is called Sanskritisation (Indian English) or Sanskritization
    (American English, Oxford spelling) is a particular form of social
    change found in India. It denotes the process by which castes placed
    lower in the caste hierarchy seek upward mobility by emulating the
    rituals and practices of the upper or dominant castes.

  • Jenna

    Love it!

  • Beth Aaron

    Human mammals took a very wrong turn when early humans set about , perhaps by copycatting, hunting other animals. The history of hunting and eating animals, a hierarchy that has been plaguing human social DISORDER for all time, guided our forked tongues, wayward and unnatural behaviors that made us compete over cooperate, war for resources over share and use what we need rather than become the hoarders we did, and has manifest the ugly behaviors humans exude over behaviors of empathy,compassion and mercy, what is prayed about but hardly acted upon.. Domesticating non-human beings set the stage for class systems that relied upon save labor to build economic empires off bondage and commodification of animals, and the natural world humans alone have threatened.. The CRUX of human disorders of the spirit, mind and body are traced as far back the advent of animal domestication, the foundation of economics, agrarian society, and all things speciesist that manifest in domination and use of force. Media ignores it. Medical industrial complex was built off it. Mental health is impacted by it. Wars are fought because of it and environmental collapse is underway due to it. Our relationship with nature and all the species we cause harm and premature death to, should be the huge issue in every conversation about making human beings at peace, since our treatment of nature and all who live and share it, is the root cause of most disorders. Who could look at how humans behave and claim this is “normal”?

    • tomonthebay

      Good grief, what a bunch of emotionalist nonsense. Hominids have been eating meat for over 2 million years.

  • Dan

    Anyone who doesn’t know we’ve evolved because of our consumption of meat need to research this.