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Expert says Humans are Aliens—and we were brought to Earth hundreds of thousands of years ago

  • murface1

    As one with Rh-, am intrigued.

  • Ed Brault

    20 Million Years to Earth?

    • sadsongs

      At the fastest speeds that one of our ships can go – and we probably don’t have the fastest ships in the universe – it would be less than 100,000 years to earth.

      • Ed Brault

        I referred to the movie also titled “Quatermass and the Pit” .

  • Ace Otana

    There is a huge problem with this idea. We’re related to every living thing on this planet from one degree to another. We share 98% of our DNA with Chimpanzees, 60% with mice and rats. All life on earth is related. Which has been confirmed through comparing DNA.

    • Adrian Chromy

      how do you know if other races in the universe ( if they exist) don’t share DNA with us or other animals living on this planet? I would say that all animals and aliens would share portions of DNA.

      • Ace Otana

        The only way we could possibly share our DNA with other lifeforms in the universe is for there to have been a biological contact with each other deep in our evolutionary past. The reason we share our DNA with everything on this planet is because we’re all biologically related. We all came from the same bimodal soup.

    • sadsongs

      Hybrid DNA, as even the texts supposedly say.

    • Jeanne Berry

      Hence the term “hybrid”. We share DNA. therefore, we are a hybrid of two different species, and would naturally share some of their DNA to varying degree. Like when they take two different plants and graft them together to make a new plant. The aliens grafted with the native humanoid species, and produce hybrids that share DNA.

      • Ace Otana

        “The aliens grafted with the native humanoid species, and produce hybrids that share DNA.”

        There is no evidence to support that. No evidence or credibility that aliens had any involvement in our evolution. So I have rejected the idea entirely.

        • http://truxter.org/ TruXter

          How would there be evidence?
          a busted alien condom?

          They came, they banged a couple monkeys, they left…

    • Rajesh Sharma

      Except for three things. The brain, the memory and the intelligence! That has made all the difference. And, unfortunately, we have been becoming monstrous. Danger to life, Earth and all species!

    • Anthony Grippi

      I think the theory is hybrid, but yeah, I agree

  • Svenn Inge Hiller

    Humankind was not created elsewhere. We were created here, by the Annunaki (The ones that from heaven to earth descended) The sumerian tablets tell of this. Read the Tablets of Enki or about their mythology. It is the first civilisation known to mankind, and their stories tell of Aliens (gods) That came with flying chariots, and started mining gold. After a while they created Primitive man (Neanderthals) to mine for them, but when Enki (The Devil/God in the bibel) gave them essence from himself (Their DNA) The apple of knowledge and they became “In their own likeness” and they became intelligent, Enlil (God in the bibel/Chief Annunaki) tried destroying them with a flood. Enki told Noah beforehand so he could save a few of the humans he had created and loved. So you see, the old testament is only a poorly edited and mistranslated version of real stories. Sumerian tablets tell them more accurately though. Enki and Enlil is brothers that were in command of the Alien race that came here along time ago. We are the ancestors of Noah.

  • Madhusudan Pogakulu Sreeramulu

    Just as we are many and of different ages, everybody has a heart, brain, 2 kidneys, liver, etc, the Universe too has many Earths with life. Some Earths are having what we call Stone Age, some Earths are having the iron age and some very close to our age, some the future. Infact we are living the present, we have another planet where it is one second behind us and another which is one second ahead of us. We have evolved over the years both mentally and physically. Our head and body used to be different in the past and as time progressed, our body and mind changed. Similarly it will keep changing over the time. We make look entirely different say 10000 years from now. This means that there are many Earths with humans who are what we will look like 10000 years. And these future peoples may have found a way to travel between all these Earths. And if you see one of them today, you will definitely think he is an Alien. We have to understand that movement of any particle in our body to another is so difficult or impossible. But over time, we have learnt blood transfer, organ transplant, etc. Similarly movement from one planet to another is difficult. It has taken a huge time to achieve this. So imagine how long we may take to move between Earths. The next question you may ask is why the human living in an advanced Earth not come and visited us? The answers to be anybody’s guess. Could be he is already there but not revealing. Could some laws that does not encourage interaction. Or could be anything. This is my concept of Parallel Earth and travelling to future or past.

  • sadsongs

    Conversation of Nature OR Conservation?

  • shadowz21

    this is either a poorly written article or what its based off is. other mammals have issues with birthing and with offspring not being able to take care of itself. second if true though if prison world id like to see the warden while many are violent and self serving many are not many want whats best for everyone oneway or another.

  • EM

    I will refer to the title… – obviousness don’t need experts….
    Of course we are aliens! From Cosmos.
    Simply. We are in Cosmos.

    Ehhh, People….

  • http://wetgoddess.net/ Malcolm J. Brenner

    All this talk about cross-breeding human ancestors with aliens from whatever is just so much hogwash. The aliens could have evolved under very different conditions than those that characterized our planet during human evolution; in terms of our DNA, we have more in common with a tarantula than we would with the most humanoid-looking alien from another star system, assuming such exist. So the whole idea of cross-breeding humans and aliens to produce viable offspring tells us a lot more about the sexual fantasies of the believer than it does about exobiology!

    • Rajesh Sharma

      From what I understand, it is not about human evolution and cross breeding. Humans are an offspring of aliens and they were trying to test if this planet suits their requirements to survive! Have you ever wondered why all those technological advances have happened in the last 200 years!

      • http://wetgoddess.net/ Malcolm J. Brenner

        No, I haven’t wondered why all those technological advances have happened in the last 200 years, because I know why: SMART MEN AND WOMEN PRACTICING SCIENCE!

        • Rajesh Sharma

          Dear Malcolm, Your SMART seems inspired from latest terminology! There is a HUGE difference between SMART and INTELLIGENT! Smartphone does the work for us.INTELLIGENT people make them and capture our thinking abilities to act as zombies, with only fingers and thumb being ACTIVE in our system! SCIENCE was always practiced. Fire, Wheels,Agriculture, Civilizations,etc etc are BIG examples that changed the course of the mankind and planet. Inventions, that are the basis of modern life. Lastly, look closely. We have not done much in the last century, specially, since WW2. All the work, science and technology has done, is to improve on the original ideas and inventions, that took place in the 19th century!!! May be, barring a few. Extension and modification of innovative ideas originating in that period, ranging from Electricity, Automobiles, Planes, Computers, Phones to Agriculture production, Satellites,Watches, Weapons, Chips…..whatever!!!

          • http://wetgoddess.net/ Malcolm J. Brenner

            You are now playing with words. “We have not done much in the last century, especially since WW2.” Are you crazy? We have made more progress in science in the past 100 years than we did in the previous 1,000. The ideas and inventions of the late 20th and early 21st Century are leaps and bounds ahead of those in the 19th Century, and the reason why is science. Earlier people were great engineers and observers, but the did not practice science, which emerged as a discipline in the 17th and 18th centuries. Please get your facts and history straight before you argue any more with me.

          • Rajesh Sharma

            Hahaha…You repeated and agree what I said about 19th Century. Since then everything is mostly upgradation of those inventions. Check everything around yourself. Wish you get your surroundings and reality right. I know that you love ARGUING but I believe in discussion and finding the truth. Answer this and I will know how good you are with facts, history, whatever! Take away the greatest invention ELECTRICITY from today’s world and tell me what you are left with. Now, DON’T DUCK and play around or argue(as you put it). ANSWER, what will be today’s world without electricity. I love meaningful discussion but avoid useless arguing. If you get the MEANING straight of those two words. Regards. Just checked your profile. Being a believer in Wicca means agreeing to a supernatural power. That ”Fox”ed me! What are you arguing about!!! Anyway……..ELECTRICITY…….is the QUESTION. Have a good day.

          • http://wetgoddess.net/ Malcolm J. Brenner

            Just for the record, I haven’t practiced Wicca for 27 years. Fox Mulder may want to believe, but I gave it up.

  • Duke Allen Spencer

    I got to say that NO ONE knows for sure where humans come from. But, if I may suggest, it would be highly unlikely that we had come from another planet. The reason why I think this is because our internal time clock coincides with the rotation of the Earth. We wake up, and go to sleep pretty much at the same time everyday. It is highly unlikely that you are going to find another planet that rotates every 24 hours like Earth. To find another planet that has the same exact rotation time as Planet Earth would be extremely rare. Just like there are no two people that are totally the same, there are no two planets that are going to be totally the same. Now, I’m not going to say that I’m an expert on this subject, but that is a thought that I have.

    • Rajesh Sharma

      Time shortage…so, just going through comments. Will come back and answer this. I am also not an expert but have been unlearning all that was told since childhood. Have my own take on this. Will share that thought.

      • Onyx Raven

        What if souls are alien, but the body is human? So our bodies, of this earth, are hijacked by alien souls, and we are on a prison planet that we must make the best of in order to return to our people, as souls made of light. And the ethereal happy feeling in near death experiences is an alien anaesthetic while we are being repatriated back to our kind.

    • Brian Dennard

      circadian rhythm ! Very good point !!! A circadian rhythm /sɜːrˈkeɪdiən/ is any biological process that displays an endogenous, entrainable oscillation of about 24 hours. These 24-hour rhythms are driven by a circadian clock, and they have been widely observed in plants, animals, fungi, and cyanobacteria.[1]

      The term circadian comes from the Latin circa, meaning “around” (or “approximately”), and diēm, meaning “day”. The formal study of biological temporal rhythms, such as daily, tidal, weekly, seasonal, and annual rhythms, is called chronobiology.

    • http://wetgoddess.net/ Malcolm J. Brenner

      Pardon me, we know very well where humans come from, try looking up the fossil record for the species Homo sapiens. We have a long and distinguished history here on Earth.

  • Rajesh Sharma

    We are a huge mass of particles, And, every other thing in galaxy, cosmos, Earth, planets, milky way etc is particles. Millions between me and my computer screen! Particles combining in different quantities differentiate us from table, plane, pizza, car, other human being. Start your quest and you would be surprised with the new things, you discover…..

  • Jose Gandia

    Then why are our bodies made of the materials of this planet and as deep as the core?

  • Jason Houchen

    Isn’t this Scientology in a nutshell?

    • Art Ma-Ar

      Exactly. This is new age garbage just watered down to “science” level. Ready for the end time deception to come. Do a search about the “Galactic federation of light and the ascended masters” which are the end times scam the bible warned us about.

      • Ravi Chandran

        Aliens are a scam but a walking zombie god sent by god as the son of god to die for the sins created by god for men but needed to be punished or be sent to hell commanded by a flying angle who is now the devil who hates god but tortures people who go against god for eternity although the devil rebelled against god is the ultimate truth?

        • Art Marti

          Oh no. Let correct myself. First, all the mathematical, physics, chemistry and biology laws decided to create themselves out of nothing. And after this, when they created themselves out of nothing then they decided to condense in a spinning dot which contained the whole mass of the universe.
          After this, the dot decided to explode because whatever (maybe it was bored or it tought for itself that it needed a deeper purpose of life or existance).

          Then after this whole galaxies decided themselves to spin backwards on contrary sense of the original spinning dot of big bang breaking some other physical laws that always have applied (conservative momentum if I remember well the name of this law).

          And then out of this out of incredible luck, after bazillions of years on a far distant planet gave the proper conditions for aliens to exist and then they traveled for millions of years breaking the speed of light (breaking more laws) from the Pleyades and Alpha Centauri and Nibiru because they needed slaves for mining gold to refill their ships. And now they are coming back to save us from themselves and our ignorance.
          Right on.

          • Ravi Chandran

            Oh crap..you got me there Art ?

          • Art Marti

            Merry Christmas!

          • Anthony Grippi

            it’s a lot more logical that a magical being did though. Simple question. So where did God come from? If there is one, and we are in his image, wouldn’t there at least have been more?

        • toad 43


  • Deena Patrick

    I don’t know how long it took Dr. Ellis Sliver took to right his book. This article states no other species on earth has achieved a unique achievements in such a short period of time. In the beginning of time how long was a day? In the beginning the earth and living creatures was made in seven days, but know one knows actually how long a day was. But in the beginning life started as a single cell, that developed into multicellular then into small creatures that once swam and had gills, developed legs and lungs. How long did this take? they don’t know, eventually some ocean creatures lost their tales while others did not. As time went on some of the creatures loss many legs and only had four, and traveled through time this way. This could be the reason why a horse can stand as soon as they are born. But you notice a puppy when it is first born he is unable to do this, and yet it will eventually learned towalk on all four legs. So it is not because man was not neurologically ready when it is born. Dogs do not have a collar bone, so it is impossible for them to walk on just two back legs for a long period of time. Before Australopithecus anamensis early man, apes and monkeys were able to walk on four legs and because they have a collar bone this allowed them to bipedal and swing through the trees. This theory was called adaptation, as time went on in order to out run other predators. By the time early man, Australopithecus came along he was standing upright, thus putting a stress on the spine. The learning to use utensils, picking up objects over time is called adaptation and learned behavior. Over time as man acquired more ways to adapt the brain capacity also grew and this why human have a larger head over most animals today. As early man travel through time, he learned to adapt to in order to survive and this is where the RH factor comes in. A Rh negative person is considered the universal donor O negative and can donate to all blood types, however in return can only received it’s own type. Is this a positive or negative feature for these group of people? A hundred years ago this would have been a negative, because without their own blood type they would die and so would their off springs. Somewhere back in early mans travels something happened in or order for him to adapt and survive, so their was a reason that the RH factor came about. So the answer is we are not aliens, we started small in the ocean and walked up on land developed overtime and adapted for survival and carried our learn behavior through out time. There is that word again TIME?

  • Joey Lyricalmindstate Reichard
  • Dama Marie Wise

    Not even worth reading nor discussing.

  • Wayne

    Better to just accept the fact that nobody, while still alive as a human, really knows the truth. One explanation or another may ring more true to you than others, but ultimately you, me and everybody else has no idea what the truth is. Believe what you want, it doesn’t really matter, we’re all going to experience the same thing when our bodies die, whatever that may be.

  • Adam Bratter

    RH neg blood is due to a chromosomal deletion. Chromosomal deletions are fairly common in evolution — there was a mutation, it was beneficial, the people survived. No need to make it about aliens when perfectly good scientific explanations exist