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The Future of humanity according to a man who fell into a coma and traveled to the year 3906

  • Dickie Dawkins

    All long term prediction is garbage. Just give me the numbers at Royal Ascot and be done with.

  • Snake Plissken

    It’s nice to see Fukashima all cleared up!

  • Doboy

    I’d like just once to see one of these articles show something positive for the future. Always gloom & doom. Bummer!

    • Ant Meow

      really i thought it ended rather well, lets face it nothing here is going to affect our lives, and hopefully we just reincarnate to the year 3400+

  • Jorge Ithier Pizá

    Where is that destruction picture from?!

    • lelu Sunshine

      Its fake.

      • Mahendra Jagatkar

        its not fake ffs, its from the year 3906.

      • Jorge Ithier Pizá

        I know. I want to watch the movie that it is from… any one know?

        • ludoloco

          Independence Day 2

  • Matthew Johns

    i wanna fall into a coma then when I wake up ill say dogs live on the moon to guard the cheese from the rats

  • Akash
  • Manimal

    Nice bullshite :-).

  • Jerry G.

    If the man went in to a comma his imagination worked very strongly on him. He had some type of dream influenced most likely from books he read, and maybe he had a sort of scientific type mind. These types of predictions are really impossible. If using some type of logic, then there are ways to have a good guess at what is to come in the very near future just using common sense and listening the news.

    Back in the late 1960’s home computers were sort of predicted. The computers of today look sort of different than the perceived ones back then. Back in the 50’s long range electric cars were predicted. There was a lot of research going on for the batteries. As new ways of making batteries was worked out the improvements came along. Back in the 1800’s space travel was predicted in science fiction books, and in the meantime no man has ever flown in the air.

    • lelu Sunshine

      You contradict yourself saying these types of predictions are impossible, then saying how predictions were real..

      • Jerry G.

        It is possible to predict to some degree technological outcomes when considering the research and development being done. But you cannot predict things like political events, or events that depend on random situations. A dream is not an accurate way of prediction, unless it is a coincidence.

        I can predict and so do many other engineers that androids using AI will be coming maybe before the next century to be available in homes and businesses. This is because the base for it is being developed with present research.

        When radio first came out to the public in the early to mid 1920’s, there was prediction about television being perfected and going in to the homes as like radio. The reason was simply that by the end of the 1920’s there was very positive research showing the possibility. By the mid 1930’s in England and in Germany there were experimental TV broadcasts. By the end of the 1940’s in the US television was coming in to the homes.

        But, nobody can predict when the end of the world is coming, or who will be the president of a country in even ten years from now, unless they are a great guesser!

        This is what I am getting at.

        • Michael Klinger

          bullshit to wait so long! this is ours now! we make the future! who else?

  • kittë

    bullshit we have bitcoin now

  • ChiraqInsomniac

    >brain almost dead

  • wano

    cant be proved but cant be disproved

  • Phillip Lollar

    The obvious string to unravel this garment is suggestion that “yellow and black” people were eliminated. Current studies in human genetics and the ability of DNA testing has proven that over time “pure breeds” are eliminated; as well as the fact that all races for one reason or another inevitably intermingle, producing ethnically mixed children. With this we can infer that any instance of a future with non-ethnically mixed people is false. Only in vary rare instances do you find a “pure breed” and more often then they or certainly their offspring have no intention of keeping it that way. Bigots are louder, not more numerous.

    Likewise those versed in psychology will be quick to identify the “yellow and blacks” statement as a bias implanted in his mind, regardless of his personal opinion, by the society he was in. In particular his time was a time of great distrust particularly of Asians, due to natural human fear of the unknown. And of course the misunderstanding of African peoples due to dominantly to only interacting with them as slaves or slave traders. The “enlightened” peoples of Europe viewed them more primitive due to their willingness to perpetuate the enslavement of their own people, among other things. Not that the Europeans resisted temptation regain what they viewed as a guilt free slave class, thus proving Europeans were not so enlightened, merely more advanced.

    Even now humans continue to think they can own a living thing; a notion I find amusing to say the least, especially since the argument usually arises from a human trying to convince me that we are anything but a defective product. A product of which there is not example of having worked the way it is supposed to. Many will attempt to cite various human religious icons. These people have become shrouded in myth, legend, and warped by good old fashioned human corruption. Though I strongly believe these individuals had a good picture of a larger perception as evidenced by by the long enduring truth that they were men spreading a message of love, as well as disciplines intended to help people cope with “the human tradition”.

    Every time you hurt or oppress your people you wound my soul and yours, keep that in mind at times. We were meant to be wild and free.

    • Raine Jansen

      Yes! Spot on!

    • Connie Williams

      I was just thinking about being wild and free yesterday before I stumbeled on to this posting. I don’t normally chase these threads down, but I agree. There are many “pets” at my house and my friends and family don’t understand why they have the same priviledges as anybody else in my home. I have an understanding with anyone who comes here, all are welcome, but this is the furr babies home. They will not be displaced to accommodate a visitor.

    • Shelley Szajner

      Excellent response! I question everything now, including the controlled narrative being piped in into our subconscious like muzak in an overcrowded elevator. And absolutes? They are in the dust bin as well! No more, “This is the way it’s always been and this is the way it will stay, yadda, yadda, yadda.” We create our reality in this holographic simulation called Earth, so what do you wish to experience? It’s your choice.

    • Jon137

      The Africans selling each other myth is the latest excuse by Europeans to justify and try to escape their responsibility. https://goo.gl/5Af4qQ you can read more about that myth here.

      • Zombie

        really?….google human trafficking in Africa!

  • Marianna Harris

    His “visit” to the future is more than likely a series of dreams based upon imagery in his own “unconscious” (as defined by Sigmund Freud).

  • Julio Garcia

    Holy crap! This is the Mobile Suit Gundam UC storyline to a T!!

    Tyrannical global parliament –> Earth Federation

    Hyper-sense (mutation of the brain) –> Newtypes

    Overpopulation problem solved –> Space Colonies

    I’m sure a more capable person (or fan) can make a better cross reference, lol

  • David Levy

    Can you prove it isn’t true?

  • http://www.xenoxnews.com Max Gross

    Brilliant! Best laugh I’ve had in a month!

  • http://google.com Darrin Lee

    Destruction of the yellow and black races?!

  • Arrbuc

    So I guess I will come back after the yer 3400 and then I will be where I should be. For earth and time of the universe it is only a twinkle of an eye in time. 🙂

  • Michael McGuire

    Like THINGS TO COME, that future-history was fairly common in the 1920s. Things like “lack of nutrition” and “wrong monetary system” were big concerns in the dawn of the 20th century but sound naive today with much better understandings of nutrition and food distribution, and having gone off of gold-based currency.
    Likewise, a “global war’ sounds naive today, after having had two of them already.

  • Prem Nath Dogra

    Piece of garbage.

  • David Wallis

    Doesn’t hold out much hope for reincarnation: nothing good in the past; nothing good in the future.

  • Krystyna Molewska

    I can’t translate it, copy is blocked, why? It is photo text 🙁