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Geologist states: these traces were left by vehicles that belonged to an advanced ancient civilization 14 million years ago

  • GT

    These tracks could have been made to collect rain water with the ability to be funneled to different areas as the tracks tend to cross from time to time so the water can be redirected at the crossing points. Also the tracks are very smooth like river stones. Similar tracks can be found in other areas in the Mediterranean such as the Island of Malta where ancient structures have been found and examined. Another point is a possibility that the mineral content of the stone might have health benefits that would give more value and reason to collecting the rain water runoff from these roads.

  • victor pulis

    we have similar ruts in Malta. The island is covered in them. some even extend into the sea.http://www.eve.com.mt/2016/08/17/the-unsolved-mystery-of-maltese-cart-ruts/