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German oceanographer states: Pyramids and technology found under the Bermuda Triangle are unknown to modern science

  • jorge massoud

    script there are many people who firmly believe the Bermuda Triangle is
    an anomalous zone that can only be explained taking in count all
    options, among them alien technology that goes far beyond our modern-day

  • Orion Bixler
  • Joseph Keenan

    Peer review or academic paper? Oh wait it doesn’t stand up to any verification, not because of a conspiracy but because of no evidence.

  • Aaron Baker

    And yet again i find myself reading another theory .. what are the FACTS? Yes we know its a mystery , Not telling us anything new.

  • Laura Ryan

    I found the gas releases from the ocean bottom theory to be more credible, seriously 2km of water is easily studied

  • Nathanial Sanders

    I found the structures in question by downloading google maps, and clearly as I have shown a handful of people yes the last one is in the triangle. Also look at ocean floor between Antarctica and Australia.. Look close You will also see what looks like an overview of street&block formations to me looks like roads. Under the ocean.. Just something to circulate the bong resin.

  • Allison

    I knew about this 15 years ago. These people are LATE!