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Get ready, Earth’s moon is about to do something it hasn’t done in more than 150 years

  • Gerald Klein

    do you idiots understand it is hard to read articles when your adds go over the top of the text?

    • http://www.wix.com/liveat/rainbowpi Dawn

      Agreed! Damn pop ups blocking article.

    • Norman Vance

      Google sucks! It’s their stupid add that’s blocking the text, they are evil!

      • Judith Horabin

        There’s a tiny x in the top right hand corner, just press it and it asks why you don’t like it then it goes, hope this is helpful

        • Norman Vance

          Nope, no X in the corner, and no hidden link to close it. I’m running Firefox on LinuxMint, so perhaps that’s the issue, but it looks as if others are having the same problem. And Google is still evil.

          • Barbjo16

            Get an ad blocker, they work excellent.

          • HedoBum

            Using Adaware and it does nothing to fix the issue.

          • Barbjo16

            Try AdBlock. No ads on my screen using it.

        • Frances Kawala

          No x – just the like or share options . .

        • Upp Yorzz

          Yea. Just click on the “X” down it goes. Thanks!

    • Nancy Carver

      FB just lets it go. More and more ads over stuff we ate trying to read now…

      • kepzilla

        this isn’t FB…

    • HedoBum

      The problem is their page coding…something got messed up when they added the the ad cells and they float across the page text.

    • Bob Russell

      Right on.

    • pjy

      Another really good reason to NEVER fly air canada , – it’s amazing the lengths they go
      to piss people off !

    • AaronW

      It’s a feature, not a bug. The ads are “eclipsing” the article(s).

    • JAG

      That’s why I got AdBlock for my browser. Fixes that.

  • Deena Patrick

    Never mind sitting tight, look back to last years eclipse of the sun, put on your thinking caps? Hurricanes, floods, and recent fires out west. Instead of getting a chair and a beer, get a boat and put two of everything in it like Noah’s Ark and get out of the way and hope not to see another for 150 years.

    • DJ

      Well ya see, there’s hurricanes, floods and fires every year around the world and these celestial events are known to happen on regular intervals and can be forecast out hundreds of years in advance. So anyone with their thinking cap on is going to drink some beer and not worry about any magical BS happening…

  • Roger Christenson

    I can’t read the article because of the “adchoice” ad covering half of the text.

  • Inge Astrid

    yes….adds ….annoying as heck

  • Carol Mensch

    Ads are blocking the article, and have no visible way to close out or move them. I refuse to read articles when this happens.

  • Kathleen Anne Honey

    We can ‘t read this with adds over the text.

  • Jean-Pierre Picard

    Cant’ read your text because the ads overlap. Last visit here.

  • Deena Patrick

    This may happen every 150 days all you will see is a very orange moon, but I believe that some things have aura’s. So even thou this event happens only one hundred and fifty years, It could, bring other atmospheric events that most people would not connect to the double blue blooded moon. We have to remember nothing is impossible.

  • Helen Michell

    Can’t read this article either.

  • Eva JoAnne Tolson

    just down size the text on your web browser to 80% then you read the entire article. I did it worked for me . It’s the three dots on the upper right hand of your browser.

  • DebbyReagan

    Can’t read your article with ads in the way!

  • Jort Sorgdrager

    Your banners are blocking your text, if you press like or not.

  • Keith Stansell

    Seriously – fix your page. What good is an article if you can’t read it.


  • zoranvedek

    …..morons literally copied enough text from your article to google up a page that doesn’t have advertising obscuring everything. This is how you fail.

    …either hire someone that knows a bit about layout and design, or fire the the one you’ve got, or maybe both.

    dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb.

  • Mary Pilgrim Lynch

    Too many adds cannot see or read. STUPID.

  • Kelly Brouillard

    Can’t even read half the article because it’s covered with ads! The x isn’t making the pop up window disappear. Just the ad.

  • Mike Borman

    Google sucks –

  • Mike Borman

    This is a good reason to stick with Bing. This is BS that no matter what I do I can’t read the article