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God did not create the universe, says Stephen Hawking

  • Piero Brunetti

    but Mr Hawking…and who did the Law of physics ????? lets face it…God in terminology is the wrong way to explain that there is intelligence behind the Law of Physics because even the chaos that sims to be unpredictable fallows certain kind of structure that we as human species didn’t understand as yet…but i can tell that there is all always a masterplan behind a plane made out of intelligence…this is a very sad truth for scientist today…but the truth is sometimes uncomfortable ;)) all the best…

    • Jorn Jakob Albert Boor

      Yes. And God is consciousness. Reflection. Leading authority on transformation. I know by now. Because I am the foretold servant which have been able to put reality behind the ladder dreamed by Jacob. Written by Moses Genesis. And the endtime prophecy Isaiah additional information new testament is my ancient portfolio “house of righteousness/Jakob” God wisdom clearly puts aside intelligent wisdom as I have the solution for all the issues. He things we should look at other options in the universe to live and find intelligent life while it is here to show the value. De first scripture shows the 6th day of creation to be our responsibility. So he is missing more than one person to be able to become the true sellf. I listened to my self and gut feeling

    • B notamonkey
  • Drweb19

    It’s more intersting from Universum or Atom, how is a space created?! What is the space? That’s first question!

    • B notamonkey

      This site: reasons.org is great site for astrophysicists and other science/faith issues as well as godandscience.org.
      Reasons.org/articles/fine-tuning-for-life-in-the-universe. Universe is mainly dark matter: reason.org/articles/mysterious-dark-matter

  • B notamonkey

    Hawking proposes theories then disproves his own theories a few years later. from Dr.Kenneth Samples Without a Doubt book: “so universe created from nothing, life from inorganic inert rocks, persons from impersonal, minds from mindless, order from orderless, reason from nonrational, mortality from nonmorality, information without a sender, code from nonprogrammer, truth from accident” . I like the 3000 year old version thats held up http://www.godandscience.org/apologetics/day-age.html

    • Drweb19

      The only logical answer is that God exists. It makes no sense to deny. However, the most difficult to understand how came the first God – the first creation, out of nothing, and the nothing is something! (sorry for my english)

      • DogTags

        Your question is misplaced. God is eternal, infinite. He is not created. He always existed.

        • Szabolcs Kiss

          But why?

          • Chris Brownwell

            See B notamonkey’s answer below.

        • Ty Haze

          Even a god has a beginning

          • Chris Brownwell

            Ty, See B notamonkey’s answer below.

      • B notamonkey

        By definition, God is the greatest being, so it is impossible for God to have an explanation of his existence. There are two kinds of things:
        1) there are things that exist necessarily.
        2), there are things which are produced by some external cause.
        Things which exist necessarily simply exist by a necessity of their own nature. It is impossible for them not to exist. They must exist.
        Examples of things that are necessary: Many mathematicians think that numbers and sets and other mathematical objects exist in this way. If these things exist, they just exist necessarily by a necessity of their own nature. There isn’t any cause of the existence of these mathematical entities; they just exist by a necessity of their own nature. God would be a necessary being.
        By contrast, things that are caused to exist by something else don’t exist necessarily. They exist because something else has produced them in being. Examples would be things like chairs and people and planets and galaxies. These all have causes of their existence that explain why they exist
        Numbers/abstract objects don’t stand in causal relations. Universe don’t explain themselves so an explanation that is left is an un-embodied mind (e.g. God).
        People have the faculty or power of using one’s will(immaterial) to cause material changes (lift your arm, speak, you exert your will and you cause things to happen). Minds influence cause influence on physical world and are also personal.
        Good short video on cause of universe http://www.reasonablefaith.org/Leibniz-Contingency-Argument

      • Siggi Ola

        How can people be so sure of a GOD. No facts 😉 Conspiracy, We might as well be a creation from another alian beeing 😉

        • Chris Brownwell

          You are incorrect that there are no facts. The fact that the universe had a beginning is evidence for God.

          • Siggi Ola

            So where did god come from? And if god is real, why is he letting all these bad things happen to us, then i mean the rich people that are destroying lifes and the planet?
            We got many big bangs happening all around in the universe, so please give me a hard facts about A god ?
            Dont say the universe came from a magical something that made a boom!

            I was raised from a christian familes, and many of these fairytales or stores or more of a joke.

            Hit me back, when god shows him self. 🙂

          • Chris Brownwell

            Your question “where did God come from” only makes sense if I were talking about a created God. I am not talking about a created God but an eternal God, one who always existed. Because the universe has a beginning, it must have been caused. But, the first cause of necessity must be uncaused and find it existence within itself. So asking “where did God come from” misunderstands the logical necessity of God.

            Also, your assertion that God cannot exist because of all the evil in the world is a logical fallacy, a non sequitur. It does not follow that the existence of evil disproves the existence of God. In fact, the existence of evil proves the existence of God. If you say there is evil in the world you have to insist there is good. If there is good and evil there must be a standard to differentiate between good and evil. If there is a standard of good and evil, there must a personal, moral agent to impose that standard. So, because evil exists, we know that God exists.

            We do not have “big bangs” happening all over the universe. The “Big Bang” was an event were everything began from nothing. Nowhere in the universe does something begin to exist out of nothing. Your assertion is simply inaccurate.

            Ask yourself this question: why is there something rather than nothing? None of this **had** to exist. None of the universe is necessary, but here we are. Through the science of cosmology we know the universe had a beginning. We know that before the beginning there was nothing. Everything must have come out of nothing. Because we **know** that everything that begins to exist must have a cause, the universe must be caused. The first cause of necessity must be eternal, immaterial, all-powerful, intelligent, and personal. So, because the universe exists, there must be a God. God is not some “magical” explanation. God is the only logical explanation.

    • IknowthatIdontknow

      That is why science progresses and religious people don’t. Believers are stuck in a mind set. Unable to think for themselves and without logical arguments they keep citing an old book writen by men and used as a tool for control. People who reason are able to change their mind, their ego quieted by the fun they have discovering new ideas and exploring. It does not mean there is no spiritual side to life. It only means we know that we don’t know enough to make a judgment. And that we’ll probably never know, always progressing towards the truth with an reason and an open mind… unlike fanatics.

      • B notamonkey

        actually the more time goes by the more design is found and the less naturalism holds up. naturalism is very limited and doesnt think outside the box. theist have great agruments (kalm and leibniz cosmological agrument, teleological argument moral arguments, etc). the fine tuning is not arguble and the only alternative atheist come up with is the multiverse which has horrible logical issues.

        “Tools for control”. Youll have to provide evidence for that opinion. No one controls me.

        We follow evidence where ever it leads. i have found nothing with secular sceince that refutes the bible. i am not a YEC becasue its not as biblical as some of the other Genesis models (there are several all backed up by evangelical scholars and all point to a creator) so i have no issues with science. everything i see points to a desginer. atheists refuse to follow the science because they presuppose naturalism.

        • Ty Haze

          There is also nothing that shows the bible to be correct either giving that there is thousands of gods and goddesses all of which claim to be the creater of everything or its inheritor.

          • Chris Brownwell

            Your statement, Ty, is a logical fallacy. Just because there are many claims of deities does not mean they all must be wrong.

          • Bnotamonkey

            The arguments for a designer does not identify the designer. That is a different argument based on a world view analysis.

            Just like an archeologist looking at a rock and realized it was an ancient tool by an intelligent agent but then has to figure out which ancient people made it or a crime scene that the detectives concluded the cause of death was not natural and it was another person they then need to figure out who.

            Kalam, teleological, lebeintz , origin of life and information in DNA etc all point to intelligence. Then you look at which worldview is best. God of the bible matches perfect. It’s a cumulative case.

            And no I’m not a young earth creationist and don’t believe gen 1 is 6 litera 24l days. Simole read tells you far more going on each yom/day. I read many books on the subject and watch many debates and framework/functional or hugh ross day age models are more biblically accurate and no conflict with gods natural revelation.

      • Nwriter

        I think you would be able to relate to the content in Tattvajnana Dvatrimshika
        32 Verses on Rational Thought by Acarya Siddhasena Diwakar.
        ISBN 978 81 88769 95 7

  • DogTags

    For all his knowledge, Hawking lacks wisdom. How can gravity create the material necessary for its own existence? Without mass there is no law of gravity. It is rather silly intellectually for Hawking to postulate such a demonstrably false theory.

    • Tomas Hutchins

      Dogs tags is 100%right ,GOD is the alpha n the Omega from ever to ever ,time ,space, matter and energy, are the vectors of manifestation of HIS creations ,HIS creations never ended ,like the phoenix bird that never ended,denied the existence of God is silly , God is God beyond of HIS creations ,HE not need the universe to be God . The Great Architect .

  • Lj Pje

    My two cents. He used words such as “launching” and “creating”. These words in and of themselves suggest a designer. Also, what of the Law of Conservation and Energy?

  • Roger Phillips

    What a twit! Is being an intelligent twit an oxymoron – well he’s that as well. Too clever in his own boots! “God’s not The Creator” – what TOSH! It’s like finding a Rolex in the jungle and saying “Noone created or designed it! It just made itself at random out of nothing.” It’s an insult to the Swiss watchmakers and craftsmen! Random! – what base blasphemy! What specific laws of physics is he referring to – sounds like an empty, worthless, jumped-up soundbite to me. I hope his book nosedives if his salesmanship is anything to go by.

  • David

    I think there are trillions of quadrillion of universes. Each atom is part of a very tiny universe, our system is an atom in an immensely large universe which is just an atom in a even larger universe. And so on in both directions.Thankyou

  • malatesta

    A being that conformed to the ones depicted in the three major Abrahamic scriptures would not fit the God concept we were taught–an all-Being, existing everywhere, all-knowing, good and mighty and creator of earth, moon and stars. He depicted Himself in scripture as lacking this extent of powers. A God fitting the scriptures would merely be an alien who was a good deal more powerful than us, but still highly limited relative to beings we could imagine. He had a technology, created by employing abilities, and in stages using a strategy. We could imagine a Being who inclined its consciousness and all was, instantaneously, without labor.. El-WYHY-Al’lah did not. In fact, He’s humanoid psycho-physically by all accounts. Couldn’t show mercy or smite anyone without it. What is hawking talking about when he says God?

  • Mars Dela Cuesta

    ATHEISM: The belief that there was nothing and nothing happened to nothing and then nothing magically exploded for no reason creating everything and then a bunch of everything magically rearranged itself for no reason whatsoever in self-repplicating bits which then turned into dinasaurs. Makes perfect sense (A. Paul)

    • Ty Haze

      Its not that atheism it the belief of nothing its the belief that all of religion is wrong so we stick to the facts and the proof

      • Chris Brownwell

        Atheism is actually a rejection of facts and proof. Many rank-and-file atheists assert that atheism is merely a lack of a belief in God, so they insist they have nothing to prove.

  • Гусейн Гурбанов Азербайджан

    Logically complete cosmological concept. /due to lack of knowledge of the English language was not able to correct the translation Implemented by Google/

    In order to present the unlimited space originally:

    1. homogeneous – enough to postulate the presence in it of two elements with Simple and Complex /closed systematically/

    2. heterogeneous – enough to postulate the presence in it of one more element – the Most High and Almighty God – with open systematically.

    It is easy to assume that even at the lowest possible deployment of the intangible component of the essence of God – the Spirit of God – for the level of the original downwardly directed the permanent deployment of the material component of the essence of God, there is a curtailment of Simple and Complex /i.e.. It is their decay due to blocking of origin upwardly directed constantly deploy intangible components of the entity / as much as possible heterogeneous to God’s essence minimum possible number of cell uniformity (1H), and God on the basis of the material components of the 1H deploys the minimum possible heterogeneous to its essence as possible numerically elemental homogeneity (2H). Coagulation process will begin in 2H known God start time since the completion of its deployment. curtailment of the Spirit of God to the level of initial deployment again unfolds 1H – God potential for transformation 1H into 2H and 1H into 2H limitless!

  • junkyardnut

    Mankind has been gathering data and shelving much of it… because we just haven’t figured out how to make sense out of it. Collectively, through branches of intellectual pursuits ranging from astronomy to zoology, we will eventually join data together into right compostions and finally understand the whole universe as we know it, God included.

    • Mucho Junk

      A very mild way to put it… The more we learn, the more educated we become. That being said… the more Hawkins understands his own theories, the more he will become aware. Many years from now, this article will become irrelevant. Mankind will have have gathered enough data to answer even more questions of the cosmos. God included!

  • Tg Padmanabhan

    Gravity can`t exist if mass does not exist ! So, Gravity had no role while something came into existence ( not from nothing !!). Higgs field that gave mass to everything can`t have come from nothing !! Nothing can`tr have mass!!! It seems he wants to get even with the God for his MND 🙁

  • Wendell Willkie

    Bla, bla, blaaaa, bla, bla, blaaaa… Theory of this, theory of that, blaaa, bla, blaaa, bla blaaaa…

  • Damifino

    God? Just because we’re not advanced enough to grasp understanding is not reason enough to go making things up.

  • KobeDane

    Does anyone here believe that if we meet aliens in our future that they will have the concept of the same God that we do or is it a reasonable idea that God is a special construct of humanity…there ~4200 religions on earth…there is no agreement on this planet about God amongst those religions. It is pointless to argue about the existence or non-existence of God IMHO.

    God exists as a thought and a belief here on Earth…Suggesting that we might ever get to know the “unknowable” is equally difficult to countenance…

    I do struggle to believe that the Universe was generated from nothing…I have read and thought about this at length but I can make no progress in understanding this.

    Stephen Hawking has a remarkable brain but I am sure that he will be the first to admit that even he makes mistakes from time to time.

    Something from nothing sounds like a galactic Ponzi scheme…

    I wonder if there is not a more simple, palatable explanation.

    I do believe Black Holes are in some way connected with the Big Bang…if there are numerous other Universes all with Black Holes all consuming matter and energy might not the other side of those Black Holes combine together from time to time until eventually a critical condition is reached which creates a very tiny rupture in the space time continuum and at that point there is another Big Bang and a new universe is created…

    We don’t understand what happens when matter gets compressed down to the tiniest possible volume…except that it must have a tremendous associated gravity. Fearsome enough in one Black Hole But what would happen 100s or 1000s or 1,000,000s of Black Holes somehow combined…? Would that be enough to create a new universe in a new space time continuum…

    This would mean that the process is looping…and may have happened billions of times before we are not going to be seeing the beginning or the end ever…it is, in short, unknowable…

    I do wish I had not said that… 😀

  • http://nerdfiles.net Aha

    A random collapse process describing God’s state transition from virtual to real gives the best explanation of what is going on at the material and mental levels of experience.

    Steven Hawking has no idea what he’s talking about.

    • Ty Haze

      Neither does anyone else on this planet

  • Anthony Dean

    Not sure if I agree or disagree with this as my theory of how the universe is growing up (expanding) suggests god (or what we think of AS the universe), source of energy or whatever you want to call it created itself or has always existed we are all part of it. http://www.tony-dean.com/ for the full explanation. It also explains where imaginary numbers fit in and the curvature really nicely – even possible ideas for what dark energy/matter is and where 3D+1T came from.

  • Scott Windsor

    I guess sometimes people are just too smart for their own good. Love you Steve, but you are missing the point.

  • Tom Fennell

    My thought on most of the replies in this thread is taken from the Spanish poet Antonio Machaco “cada sabio, su problema, y cada loco, su tema.”

  • Ty Haze

    The god in the bible is nothing more the a blood thirsty dictater who demands complete loyalty or you go to a place where you are tortured for all eternity like what Hitler did to the Jews honestly why would anyone want worship a malicious being like that is beyond me but to say that it created everything is ludicrous without the proof

  • Anthony Tepool

    If not for his robot voice and extreme look, he would just be another speculative blowhard. No facts at all, only ideas he has.
    Other comments here are as relevant as anything this celebrity has to offer.

  • Taylor Glen

    There is no such thing as nothing in the universe, there has and always be something in terms of physical matter there, Earth will at some stage disappear as will the sun, big bangs will happen time and again.