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History is Wrong: 3 Advanced Discoveries Made Thousands of Years Ago in Ancient India

  • LiberalVeteran

    If you’re going to write about something like this then take the time to hire an editor. There are inexcusable typos in this educational article.

  • Conquest Unisus Harmony

    Glory is given strategically, not always honestly. Look at how many villains are demonized as anti-Semitic, and how many heroes are accredited to the Semites; Semites have a lot of power over information, and they’re going to manipulate glory. Same with “Christians”, who mold credit, power, & glory purposefully to their advantage. Even if it’s subconscious—noticing the repetition of glory is empowering to those who fit the pattern. Whether it’s Caucasian, Semitic, “Christian”, African, or whatever—many seek to control information, knowledge, and credit.

  • Chandran

    Did gravitation come from gurutvakarshan