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Leaked Classified Documents reveal existence of Intra-Terrestrial civilizations

  • dosssse


  • Phil Helgren

    you guys are fucked. Good job making up the quote from “snowden’ seems like 100% truely real

  • lalee

    You are one of the scardy cat type that is the reason we don’t know what’s really going on..They don’t want to scare you bunch of Dicney Land do you really think we are the only ones in the Iniverse? You Disney land inhabit ots..You believe ALL those other huge Planets are empty?Why are they there? Do you believe we Humans on Earth are so intelligent that we are the only advanced beings in out there in the dark never ending Universe? Boy are you gonna be surprised when you finally take off your blinders…

    • Phil Helgren

      haha you sure assumed alot there. I never denied the existance of other life. Im saying that this article is full of shit though, because ever since snowden did leak his info so many mother fuckers have used him to add with their fake quotes about shit, like you can even go to snowdens website (that they linked here) and he doesnt talk about no aliens type shit, its just his government surveillance stuff. He never leaked any alien stuff. ” take off your blinders…”

    • Stephen Ellis

      You moron is you really that stooped. Hey why not dig through to the other side of planet

  • Allison

    I GUESS this is supposed to be funny? #NOTimpressed