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Life After Death Is Real, Concludes Scientific Study Of 2,000 Patients

  • Matthew Pierson

    Interesting article, but the title is very misleading (I think on purpose). This is no indication of life after death unless you want to re-define what life is. Only it is an interesting phenomenon that happens to very few people in the few short minutes after death. Obviously, this requires more study before you can say anything is proven or disproved.

  • Zallen Jones

    Wow, another badly written article with no concrete details….imagine that!

  • Kevfromspace

    Wow, those sources have no link to the actual article, there is no date given on when the research was conducted (over three years ago) and it’s written as though this is new information. Classic example of an article sounding science-y when it is written by somebody with zero insight into how the scientific process is conducted.

  • Ayesha Batool

    Strange but not strange for Muslims because we already believe in life after death concept..

  • truth
  • Rahul Asani

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