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Mind-Blowing: There is a 2 Billion-Year-Old Natural Nuclear Reactor in Africa

  • Chanda Mija

    I hope we will research for fossilized human skeletons nearby this site because Bible says a nuclear bomb went off and killed many people running from committing sodomy…? I’m not sure, but I’m pretty sure there were people who lived nearby here.

    • RachelQ

      Ok so if you’d actually read and tried to understand the article instead of scanning it for signs of God’s hatred of gay people you would understand that nothing “went off” like a “bomb” (which is why scientists are so interested in it) it was a slow, steady, cyclic process, over the course of 2 billion years. Men started writing the bible about 4 thousand years ago. More to the point, God doesn’t nuke people, he leaves that to pudgy men with stupid hair. God loves you, me, cats. dogs, nipples, wedding cake AND casual consenting sodomy! 🙂

      • GucciKid

        gods not even real to begin with, don’t fool yourself.

    • Jen Love

      500 000yrs ago. before bible

  • strav

    Them dinosaurs where smart hey