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MIT scientists: There is an invisible force field protecting Earth

  • Øwl

    Basically, Earth is a giant magnet. And we have bundles of flows of currents across Earth which forms the Earth’s magnetic field. And the Magnetic field is what protects us from the sun.

  • Abundantz

    The “phenomenon” is the barrier — Barrier — put around Earth by the benevolent Sphere Being Alliance in response to Pine Gap, Australia, U.S. military base firing a deadly laser on one of their spheres stationed near Earth.

    There are at least ten top secret American facilities in Australia with the “Joint Defence Space Research Facility” at Pine Gap as the most important. The public is told it is a satellite tracking station. In truth, intelligence gathering is going on by the CIA, NSA and the NRO. However there were other reasons for establishing the base which have never been fully revealed to the Australian government.

    The sphere did not fire back, but “bounced” the assault back to them, which destroyed the U.S. military base. Earth hasn’t tried to attack them again since their attack of Dec 5, 2014.

    The barrier was put in place to keep dangerous humans and other malevolent beings on Earth in order to stop them from further destruction of Earth and Humanity. It was also to keep their reinforcements from being able to enter Earth’s atmosphere to render aid to the malicious beings.

    But nice of MIT to let us know the barrier is still there.

    • lholland

      I read that and still have no clue what the guy said…..the sphere was put there to keep dangerous humans and others on Earth to keep them from destroying Earth? lol Yeah….

      • Abundantz

        Yeah. And the U.S. went bankrupt May 2, 2016 and the Eeset was stalled from June 12th to a few days ago. Didn’t hear about those either? You will. Soon.

        Oh, and GrayLind Industries, an 800 terrabyte holographic computer, size of a tablet, with almost 21,000 mps speed will be available for Christmas sales this year, a computer that operates without power and has its own internet, FREE.

        The ether net EXISTS, it’s all around us. The internet and world wide web were only discovered; not invented. What was invented was a way to charge us for free energy. Yeah. That, too.

        • lholland

          and the Eeset was stalled from June 12th to a few days ago>

          Assuming you meant “Reset” What would a reset do? And why would delaying it mean anything.

        • lholland

          The internet and world wide web were only discovered; not invented.> I was there from the beginning, Know exactly how it works as it’s my job. I’ve shaken the hands of many who have played a role in the building of it, Vince Cerf, Radia Perlman, It’s nothing special and nothing Alien I can tell you that and if it was, the Aliens need to go back and redo it lol.

  • Ralph Smole

    The ONLY answer as to who put it there is God.

    • Goodwin Lu

      nah boi

  • Francis Spycher

    yeah the hoax alliance both are liars goode and the other Dood thats just BS there are no Blue avians sorry . There are others but the only blue color that really is out here is the Air of Earths atmosphere. all those Goode disciples out there get Real this guy is just fals flag and a poser.

  • James Glass Kaguyutan

    Men in black 3 perfectly explains the phenomenon

  • James McArdle Jnr

    This maybe the same force field as talked about in Alien Interview the one that stops your soul leaving. I have seen it and gone through it in a OBEE, as have some of my friends, reports coming in from contactees is it’s now like swiss cheese and is coming down.

    • StellaRagazzo

      That sounds like the scientology theory, which is, in my opinion, close.
      The only problem is that the agreement, is as powerful, if not more so.
      Which leads me to my conclusion, that the field is a construct of all the energy
      including the life forces past and present that inhabit the planet.

      • James McArdle Jnr

        I haven’t read any scientology but the author of the book Alien Interview is into it.
        Question is the alien interview real and the answer is yes tho the author may have taken liberties to have it published, Reason I know it’s real i was having dreams before i read it then a contactee told me i was an abductee and why and the story of the lost 3000 in the book i was one of them, as for the force field it’s powered by the sun.

        • Steve Lecot

          when i think forcefields i think magnetism not heat from the sun…can u tell me why u think sun?

          • Steve Lecot

            particles can block other specific particles magnetism can theorethicly hold particles in suspension…but sun i cant seem to figure out how its relevant what am i missing?

      • James McArdle Jnr

        The field is powered by the Sun.

  • StellaRagazzo

    I think what they will find is that the energy of life, is what protects the earth.
    As the earth grows, and life expands on the planet, the nuclear mass increases,
    leading to more energy and more life.