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Mystery Solved? Is this how the Pyramids were built?

  • Pyewacket

    Did you know that the structure contains ENOUGH stone to make an almost 2-feet-high wall around the entire PLANET?

    Please do not tell this to Trump, it may give him ideas for his own wall

  • James T Thompson

    So if this is how it was done,, then they must have used a great force of workers and oxen to move all that water to the top and fill the water channels. Also the question of sealing the blocks and keeping them from being pushed over the edge of the outer walls.

    • Jeffrey Ruppert

      Solar energy as pumps hot water rises just a black clay tube you let in water at night filling the tube and in the day time it heats moving the water up. You use a lock system to keep the upper water from going back down at night. moves enough water through expansion to keep the upper chamber full. May have even heated the pipe in the lower with fire. to push more water up to build faster.