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NASA accidentally films the best UFO sighting yet

  • Srinivas Ravindra Velagapudi

    Appears like black Knight Alien satellite, one was alleged to have been shot down by US army, this could be second one?

    • Ernest Stefan Matyus

      The footage looks like something taken from a high altitude aircraft flying in formation. The “UFO” looks like another aircraft flying at a much lower altitude and on a different trajectory.

      nothing out of the ordinary here.

      though to be honest the quality is really crappy and with the CGI available today the whole thing could be computer generated.

  • Darrell

    Unless we have true ‘space’ vehicles (and we probably do!) that can fly “Jetson” style in and out of the atmosphere on command, and are armed, it is most unlikely that any chemical rocket shot at ANY alien vehicle from the ground would come within 500 miles of it’s target.

  • Giovanni Kensmil

    And it’s gone

  • Trevor Alvarez Squibb

    Look how flat that horizon is!

    • Rodney Bruyere

      so wat r ya sayin todd …

    • Ernest Stefan Matyus

      It’s actually curved upwards, probably due to the wide lens used to take this shot.

  • EofA

    Best sighting yet? Baahhahaha. Nice blurry footage. Cell phones take better video than that. Humans need to move on from thinking there’s “aliens” flying around our planet already. It’s space trash that humans have put there. Bigger picture, our little blue dot which is a grain of sand in the universe, aliens are going to be here? Good one. Humans are so full of ourselves that we think we’re important enough for “intelligent” beings or aliens to come here. We’re not that important. Final thought if anything aliens are here trying to contain us from spreading like a virus.

  • Arthur Brooks

    Clouds that far up?

  • Giuseppe Labollita


  • tere201 .

    NASA is cabal as fuck! They know a bunch of stuff going on out there in space but they don’t let people see that reality. They supposedly can see up to Pluto, but not the Moon clearly?They want us all thinking we are alone when the Universe is full of life! You are a bunch of Deceivers!

  • Eleni Comens

    yes they are out there…why not we are here….