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NASA-funded study finds: Dozens of advanced ancient civilizations collapsed before us

  • Joaquin Franco

    For us, advanced civilization means some class of technology, like computers, communications systems, starshps, and much more. No one evidence of any “advanced civilization” have been found on Earth, at same time we found bones dated over 500 millions of years !!! For sure a mobile phone hardware will survive better than one calcium bone.


    • Steve Chavez

      Unfortunately a mobile phone probably would no longer work and we are actually working toward creating things that are no longer bad for the environment. We find it beneficial for our technology to decompose. I think the most important thing we can do today is to ensure that future civilizations have an opportunity to see us as we are today. If they can look into a window into the past 5,000 years from now that would be great. Then we could destroy ourselves all we want because one day another civilization can pick up where we left off and blend it with what they have learned on their own. It’s cool.

      • Marijn

        Watch the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors.

        • Steve Chavez

          How about stimulating our thoughts by summarizing it for us…

          • Marijn


        • Vio

          downloading right nowwww

          • Marijn

            Great choice!

    • Jyn Elmore

      Not true deterioration of plastics is much faster that of calcium