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NASA hacker: I found evidence America has Deep Space Warships

  • Brutus974

    Lol. Someone at NASA plays a space-based computer game.

  • A.k. Steele

    There is actually a ship called Red Dwarf… check it out on Netflix.

  • jmt


    The fact is the government cannot execute big coordinated projects like it has done in the past.

    If humanity’s existence depended on getting to the moon in 5 years, there’d be bureaucrats holding up the project over the line-spacing of the proposals for picture frames to be hung in the office where the design work for the mission patch would be done.

    • http://snickersnackbaby.blogspot.com/ David Ferguson

      Yep. And don’t even try to imagine completing the environmental impact statement for landing on the moon.

    • DOCS

      Exactly, that’s why it’s NOT the elected government that’s been doing it.

      The M.I.T. has become an aristocracy whereas generations of the privileged have been operating without any checks, balances or oversight.

      • Redmarkoz

        No doubt you have in your possession irrefutable evidence with which to qualify your comment. Considering the absence of checks, balances or oversight not to mention maintaining what could only be imagined as being an incredibly sophisticated and advanced security apparatus required for this epic type of clandestine enterprise we are indeed very fortunate to have someone with direct access to their secret doings such as yourself along here on Disqus to furnish us with the undeniable proof and facts of the matter.

        • DOCS

          Redmarkoz trolling level = ZERO

    • http://www.geoengineeringwatch.org Budhita

      Because the government discloses everything they do with our money.

  • ADN the Deplorable

    Well, I suppose I can believe this before I’ll believe that they’ve got Obama Care functioning properly.

  • datou1

    Highly entertaining article! I needed a good laugh. Our govt can’t build a fucking website that works without blowing a billion dollars. But hey, interstellar spaceships? No problemo.

    • Schlepprock

      Brought to us by the same people that don’t believe we went to the moon?

      • Michael Murratti

        We DIDN”T!

    • Grok Half

      I won’t deny your speculation, but rather, your lack of imagination. No one said they built this shit. Just that they’re involved.

    • Ken Kuban

      They used the website as an excuse and you fell for it

  • Drumwaster

    The former US Marine, was posted on the red planet for years and his
    mission was to protect the five human colonies from indigenous life
    forms on Mars. According to the former Marine known as Captain Kaye, not
    only did he spend years on Mars, but he also served aboard a giant
    space carrier for three years.

    Well, that explains all of the warming happening on Mars… it IS all those SUVs being driven around.

  • Beagle

    It’s tough to secretly launch anything into space. On a clear day, I could see shuttle launches from a hundred miles. Never underestimate the human needs to prank or pretend to be extremely important.

    • a zen bone

      you think they’re doing it by rocket propulsion?


  • Dustoff

    Ahhhh If it’s in space, then the whole world can see them. Odd the no-country has said a single word. Most of all Russia or China.

    I’m calling this bs.

    • Aaron Lucas

      Have you not seen all the stuff flying around on the moon? Take a look at some of the telescope videos of the moon lately. It’s getting hard to deny.

  • Tom Krapf

    If this is true, wouldn’t it be better to send him up there and use his talent rather than lock him up.

  • Dani Starstuff

    Pseudoscience horseshit!

  • Bill Johnson

    If we have them lets use them

    • evchrny

      For what?

  • Tom

    This is BS.

  • Jason Chapman
  • Yvr Man

    hmmm Donald Rumsfeld mentioned that 2.5 trillion dollars went unaccounted for ….never found … that is probably where the funding was spent …

  • Kris Bright

    Non-terrestrial officers…that sounds like astronauts. Considering the fact that most astronauts are considered officers.

    Material Transfer, that sounds like something that is done on the ISS(International Space Station).

    Sounds like this guy just assumed what he wanted to believe.

    • Aaron Lucas

      The names were very freakin’ odd.

  • Dan Gibson
  • David Schultz