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NASA Has Just Confirmed Earth Has A New Moon

  • Arthur Hinty
  • Robert Newton

    Hi,I filmed many alien starship’s?Over week end,and have published first already,from fri!

  • ManCave

    Well it isn’t a “Moon” is it? Why couldn’t you say they have only just discovered an asteroid. This article came up on stumbleupon and I feel cheated now

    • Nick Klein

      Well it obviously isn’t the size of “The Moon” or we would’ve noticed it. But it is a moon.

      • ManCave

        Well if you are going to be pedantic about it. The article calls it a quasi Moon but it’s official title (in this article as well) is “Asteroid 2016 H03” – so, not a moon or it would be called Moon 2016 H03 wouldn’t it.

        • Bob Roberts

          Any celestial body orbiting a planet can be referred to as a “moon” of that planet. Don’t get hung up on “The Moon” as the common definition, that wouldn’t be accurate. Having said that, is it a bit of f*ckery to call an asteroid a moon? Yea – technically, but also it is technically correct!

          • Chris

            Let us not forget about poor little Pluto being kicked out of the classifications class as a planet because it was to small.

  • Bymynishus

    Why is its name 2016 HO3? Is the 2016 just a coincidence in some numbering system?

    • Katie McCracken

      they probably found it’s official orbit in 2016 but had tons of hurdles till they could announce it

    • Michael Dahms

      Because this story is from June 2016

  • Sean Mcintier


  • Nabarun Ghoshal

    Hope it doesn’t change its course due to the attraction of the sun or any other planet and make a head start towards us.

  • Hirnsausen

    They always wanted to bring an asteroid into Easrth orbit for research. Now they got a free delivery. Soon, many probes and also some humans will aim towards it. And soon, they will have found a name.

  • Allen King

    A long ago embarrassment to the French, the moon was simply an errant calculation of Paris Gun. In 1916 the Kaisers Imperial Whiz Bang sent a 2,200 lbs. dynomite shell aloft with the Montmart in mind. The behemoth backfired, and the warhead just kept on a goin’. .NOW we understand much more of the vacuum of outer space.

  • Ken’dy ENeal

    “It will continue to follow this pattern as Earth’s companion for centuries to come” .. really ..?

    This thing is only about the size of a football-shaped football field, and is in a quasi-stable orbit, “it orbits Earth with an extremely irregular path” .. meaning it is highly subject to the variables of the mixed gravitational fields of the Earth, the Moon, the Sun, and just about everything else in our solar system (and probably the entire Universe) – at some point, just that complexity alone is going to create a whip-snap of gravitational fields, and fling it into some new orbital path (possibly towards Earth, or possibly away from it). What’s more, we have seen all the surprises space has for us out there (including this particular new asteroid) – how long until something hits it, clips it, or simply comes close enough to alter it’s path? Now throw into that controlled chaos, the uncontrolled, ever-chaotic MAN.

    • Janice Burdick

      Yep. What you said.

  • http://www.spiritblood.net Daniel Boone

    when you see a half moon and the sun out at the same time you gotta have explanation why only a partial moon because it supposed to be the shadow , but moon and sun are both out= the sun would have to be on other side to cast shadow on moon

  • Sara Gubits

    how do they know how long its here if its recently discovered?