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NASA should’ve looked twice before posting these images of the Apollo Moon missions

  • वाल्डेमर स्टीफन

    That is the Earth on fotos not ufo

    • Manimal


      • Ant Arnold

        He is absolutely right. It’s not that hard to understand.

    • Ant Meow

      NO, Fail, the earth is what 4 times the size of the moon, I’ve never taken a photo of the moon that small, Earth would be 4 times the size from the moon so no.

  • Alex Muñoz Valverde

    Sospechosa la wueba ???????????

  • Jure Korošec

    UFO -> Undentified Fying Object .. so NOBODY knows what is it. The space is ful of unkown things & stop dreaming about little green men by every stone on photos of NASA.

  • P. de W.

    One of the photo’s i see reflections of some office lights. I doubt anyway if the pictures are real, because i doubt moonwalkers anyway.