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Naval Officer Tells Us exactly What He Saw Hidden In Antarctica

  • Christine Aston

    Very interesting interview. I believe there is something there that they don’t want us to see. I just don’t think we will never know exactly what it is. Researching these accounts has become so upsetting because I/We can not find answers we only find more questions. My boyfriend and I have studied Ancient ones and Ancient places for over 2 decades and we just have questions. We know there are things out “there” but can’t figure out why we are being kept in the dark…….Thank you for posting your interview. Sincerely, Frustrated in California

  • Martim Servo

    Check out the sorce of informativo !!!
    Piri Dos Reis , was from Marroco and the name ( Reis ) come from portuguese family blod !! The map from Piri Dos Reis was a original portlan that was give to him by a norden ( Wiking ) sailor , and Piri Dos Reis gave this map to the portuguese King … So is the same map that the navigator portuguese Pedro Álvares Cabral and the Spanish/italian/portuguese Cristóvão Colombo use to cross the atlantic later in to find Brasil and América !!

  • Janice Burdick

    It now says “Video Unavailable”.

  • Deena Patrick

    Summer time temperature in Antarctica are zero degrees and winter can be as low as – 60 degrees. I can’t imagine even today anyone traveling through Antarctica during winter. Maps dating back 500 years ago showing areas with no ice or snow may have been caused by mother nature, this could be possible if there was some kind of local global warming and the duration of time. Mother nature can be very creative with sun, wind, and rain. As for man, who knows we have people climbing Mount Everest, and Hood mountain and never return because of avalanches, or lack of knowledge being prepared for emergency during a hiking expedition. Maybe if we truly have a global warming and it last for a hundred years or so, there will be lots of artifacts to solve the mystery about Antarctica. Unable To View Video