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New 3D Reconstruction Of Queen Nefertiti Stirs Heated Controversy

  • Charles Shirk

    The ancient Egyptians were much like they are today, darker skinned Caucasians. In ancient Egyptian art, you can see depictions of people with a whole range of skin color, from very light to very dark. They would have no reason to do otherwise, nor would they have any reason to alter Nefertiti’s appearance. The pharaoh Akhenaten actually insisted on realistic portrayals of himself even though he was not an attractive man. It’s also not likely that Nefertiti was mixed-race, all though history right up to today royalty is extremely selective about who their children are allowed to marry. If you listen to Black Extremists, they’ll tell you that practically everyone in the ancient world was black. Of course no one knows, but it’s very doubtful. Inventing a glorious past seems to make them feel better about their position in the present world.

    • engymassX

      WRONG Dude. The ancient Egyptians were “light skinned” blacks. NOT “dark skinned whites” lol. This was all before European and Arab occupation. Arab occupation is still ongoing till this day. Look at their faces on every painting and statue before the Romans and Arabs. Black people