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New Images from NASA show something MOVING on Mars

  • Karen McCormick

    My first guess would be wind, such as how rocks move across the desert in Death Valley. Except that one seems to be going a different direction .

  • Squirrelmistress

    it’s ice. the ice forms during the night and when the daylight comes, the ice melts and the space displaced by the ice is where the rock goes. thus, the rock moves.

  • Allyson Jardine

    With little gravity and lots of solar radiation hitting the surface they could be really big ameba eating off the surface what I can’t imagine but it could be minerals. Millions of years of high radiation exposure could cause some very strange to us life forms to evolve. Or it could be an underground tram run on electro-magnetics disturbing the dust along the line of travel. 🙂

  • http://www.jerjerbinks.com/ jarjarbinks

    Its just martian ants pushing the rocks.

  • Carl van Eijk

    They have time lapse footage of exactly the same phenomenon, here on earth in the Atacama dessert. See for yourself, totally natural. No aliens at work here.

  • Rumpelstiltskin

    Imperial Walkers. Abandon planet!

  • Rouén Sterling

    magnetic pole shift happens… ice sublimation (doesn’t have to be water, there are other corosive liquids)