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Nikola Tesla’s Most Extraordinary Interview, Hidden For 116 Years!

  • Happy Fox

    As others say here in the comments. This is a fictional interview made up by others and these words was never uttered by Nikola Tesla. They never even tried/succeeded to make it sound like him, or his way of thinking and expressing himself. Though it has also has a few of his ideas distorted and mixed into it, this is a quasi-religious text that would have made him turn over in his spherical urn. Even though the guys that made this play probably are fans and thought they did something good, he would not have been flattered by being dragged into religious settings in this way and celebrated like a preacher or one of their biblical saints. Altough he had a very soft spot for philosophy and humanism and looked for truth in many religions, he hated superstition and lies(and did not want to become a priest like his father). Besides all this, theres so many things that is not only improbable that he could have said , but completely impossible. I will not mention them all here but one example is the talk about black holes. Even though Einstein found and published the probability for the existence(mostly done by others) pretty early, and maybe Tesla pondered on and even experimented with similar conditions(in the world of duality – they have to exist, like an inverted star) – the name black hole was invented in 1967 and the first one was found in 1971.