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No One Can Explain Bizarre UFO Seen By 2 Separate Airliners In Arizona

  • masnawi

    definitely not an Airbus

  • Deena Patrick

    It could have been a UFO, some of these stories you hear about makes you wonder if it is a Ripley Believe Or Not. But I could remember years ago, going to work in the morning it was early spring and the sun was up and I notice while driving I notice something shinny reflecting off the sun a silver large flat object, just above the tree line in the sky. I turned up the road closest to where I saw the UFO started coming down. But after following the road about 2 miles the object was no where to be seen. So all I can say if it was a air craft it was flying to low to be in a wooded area. I never thought about again until I heard this story, so it makes you wonder why some people experience this, and leaves other in disbelief?