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Nostradamus: 5 Alarming Predictions for 2016

  • Egregore

    How can you have all that bad stuff and then the lifespan increase to 200 years? Off on that one. If anything the lifespan will decrease. Who the hell wants to live 200yrs on this God-forsaken planet? Aliens don’t even want to meet us because we are so sick, selfish, violent and perverted.

    • http://www.DrBawasakarTechnology.com/ Webmaster

      That’s not entirely true. This is not a God forsaken planet but Godly planet! We got to love and respect her and all her children as we are one mother’s children. Our father is Ra the Sun God. Most of us are experiencing their lower potential of being sick, violent and perverted but you have choice to experience your higher potential of being just, healthy, kind and loving! The choice is yours to make!! God has provided us with both negative and positive thoughts, food, people, places, books and all. If he had provided only positive stuff then she wouldn’t be doing justice. Choose again and again from the variety of positive/negative variant around you and don’t settle until you are really done.
      God says “Give Me glory by rising as high as you can.”

  • friendlyprogrammer

    How did Nostradamus know of The United States? There is nothing in this article actually said by nostrodamus. Don’t forget Nostradamus told us North Korea would rule the world In 2016… (see my point)…