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It’s official: Researchers have discovered a second Earth

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    Very hard to read this site with the ads covering half of it.

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            17! LOL

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      what ads?”

  • atsf1920

    Calling this planet a “second Earth” is a bit, um, optimistic. Proxima B is so far away that direct observation is impossible– these are all mathematical conjectures based on the behavior of the parent star. The graphic showing Proxima’s distance from Earth is especially misleading– visually, it appears to be only about four times as far away as Neptune; but, in reality, it is may thousands of times farther away (a beam of light takes about four hours to reach Neptune– and nearly four *years* to reach Proxima). In order to support life as we know it, Proxima would need the right temperature, and the right gravity, and the right axial rotation, and the right atmosphere, and the right amount of water, and the right intensity of its water cycle, and the right soil composition, and the right weather, and the list goes on and on and on and on. (Of course, people could postulate about life unlike anything we know, but then we have wandered into science fantasy, not science.)

  • lelu Sunshine

    Oh joy another planet for humans to destroy.

    • Em

      Yeah! How arrogant is it for them to say, “It could be another Earth for us to colonize”?? Um, if there’s already life on it, we have no right to try to colonize it.

      • John Morgan

        Didn’t stop us from pushing out the natives in countries that were not originally theirs and putting them on reservations.

        • Margot Mantin

          That is exactly what Em said! … your comment is nothing but virtue-signalling.

        • Kari Brew

          We were’n’t born then and now we’re native americans. Nobody owns anything if you come down to it.

      • Elijah Davenport

        If they are more advanced than us and find out that we know they exist, they would probably just destroy us.

        • Philippe Bracq

          They probably developed a working brain unlike humans.

  • http://www.rolento.com Rolento Ong

    we cant get our shit together on this planet earth and we want to wreck lives on another planet?

    • Joshua Petersen

      Of course not. You can’t fix a car when you’re inside of it. What makes you think we can fix Earth while we’re stuck inside of it?

      • Mary Kay Bramble

        Earth will start healiing herself as soon as we go away.

        • Joshua Petersen


          Yes, we’re kind of making a mess of Earth at the moment, but that’s because we’re stuck in the middle of it. It’s like being told to clean up your room but you’re never allowed to take the trash out of your room.

          But once humans leave earth, there’s no asteroid protection, and Earth is just as vulnerable to stellar cataclysms that could wipe out all life as it was before, instead of somewhat protected now (and more protected it will be in the future).

          Without humanity, Earth will eventually be a dead planet and it’d only be a matter of time. The only issue is can we keep from killing her ourself while we get ourselves to the point to where we can protect her.

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          • JoseCuervo

            what asteroid protection do we have right now again?

          • Joshua Petersen

            Nukes that can be retrofitted onto rockets in case of an emergency. It would take a lot of money, but up to a certain size & speed of asteroid within a certain distance away (which we can scan for currently), we could nudge an asteroid off-course with enough time to make it happen. And each year our space agencies improve, the types of asteroids we could redirect also improve.

            There’s also an idea where a rover could land-on and laser-mine an asteroid (super-heating its surface) at a targeted location so as to make it eject gas to push it onto a different course.

        • William James Brummell

          makes you think we are the aliens on this planet 🙂

    • Sami Abdullah

      Clean yourself first, so abusive, even when saying a good thing, that is the problem with the education.

    • Sutan Ferdian KT Tanjung

      GO VEGAN, ORGANIC VEGAN then there will be peace on earth. You are what you eat. Territorial, Greed, Anger, Domination, etc.. Human absorb from Animals. Yet, Human deeds towards non-human fellow living beings are reflecting back (KAEMA); rape, oppression, wars, etc..

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        Fuck off

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        I agree fuck off

        • Sutan Ferdian KT Tanjung

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          As my eldest said: Never be like frog stuck inside coconut shell, born, lived and died in it, knowing nothing about the world outside his coconut shell a.k.a human in their caves/boxes.
          Good Luck 😉

          • Vanrikki

            Actually, if you read up on the geo-sociological and the sustainability of farming on a global scale, everyone going vegan is by not the most viable option. I suggest you study the subject.

          • Sutan Ferdian KT Tanjung

            theory all you have. proof it. it’s not about your poor western theory. it’s all about spirituality. world in western hand since 16th century is nothing but failure, no wonder stupidity is popular.
            This is my last comment to commoners. farewell.

          • Shawn Legg

            You must capitalize the first word in a sentence to be taken seriously. Also, it is “prove it ” not “proof it”

          • Sutan Ferdian KT Tanjung

            theory all you have. proof it. it’s not about your poor western world theory. it’s all about spirituality. world in western hand since 16th century is nothing but failure, no wonder stupidity is popular.
            This is my last comment to commoners. farewell.

          • utxdoni

            Looks like your second to last….

          • Ned Chaney

            Actually………it’s about physics and engineering. Spirituality won’t get you out of the gravity well.

          • utxdoni

            Really? I’ve never heard of a frog living and dying inside a coconut shell?! Does that happen?!

      • Adam Doroziński

        I’m not going to argue with a vegetable 😀



    “Promising characteristics”
    “would allow”
    “They believe”
    “It’s believed to”
    “believe temperatures…could”
    “If the planet proves to be a second earth”
    “believe temperature…could be”
    “it could have water…life very LIKELY”


    • Mark Owl

      So many cognitive biases in this article….

      • DAGNAMIT

        I agree.

        • Tj

          More scientists courting funding streams with wild imaginary marketing.

          • John Morgan

            If it can get them to build some interstellar generational ships who cares what stories they make up. Conjecture or not, some long range ships would actually be good for us.

  • Adrian McFeeter

    The evolution of any planet depents on what star dust fell with residual DNA needed to start any processe of life but more than likely not like we see it here on earth.

  • Patricia Harrington

    We should take some illegals there and see how long it takes them to reach America.

    • Ms Johnson

      Or maybe we should just take hateful ugly people like yourself there and let you all just hate each other for eternity. Then the people on this planet would be much happier.

      • Svetlana McClay

        ah… I couldn’t have responded better !

      • Maximillian Tsane

        No one is going to be alive in 6000 years so it does not matter. We have already outlived our usefulness.

      • Erica Roy

        I think all the hateful people should be allowed to stay here! After all were the one’s who screwed everything up according to the non -haters like yourself right? He who casts the 1st stone…

        • Ms Johnson

          First of all I seen nowhere in my phrase that it says the haters screwed everything up. And secondly you said ” I Think “, that must have been very painful for you. And lastly it’s we’re not were.

    • johnny


  • Alio McDavis

    “Do not think then, should you deplete the world, that you will be able
    to go out and get whatever you want from other splendid worlds such as
    this, for they will be inhabited, controlled or overseen by others. And
    you are in no position to mount a conflict with other nations in your

    From “Life in the Universe”. (A GREAT free read) Here is the chapter on “The Limits of Space Travel”

  • Fred Blogg

    As we have never even gone further than a low earth orbit, it’s gonna be almost impossible for the foreseeable future. the moon landings were all faked (we can’t go past the van allen belt).

  • Goir

    Hint:we already travel by the speed of light..sort of:).

  • Kenneth Patterson

    As with earth, it has no spell check

  • Lucy Six Morris

    Nice use of orders of magnitude to give the impression that its barely a Sunday drive away.

    • utxdoni

      Only a generation …or so-ish of Sunday drives…and all the moments in between… (*yawn*-that’s really committing oneself to science).

  • Bev Jane

    Dolores Cannon, New earth, youtube.

  • Conor MacIntyre

    This is hilarious ?.

  • Paul – Canada

    No colonialist invasions this time round, k?

  • Edna Santara Lid

    – If We`re Not Able To Protect-Our-Selves – Without guns-&-weapons – We Should Not Be Allowed To-Go – AnyWhere ^^^^

  • Greg

    So it’s just 4 Light Years away … it would take us 4 Earth years to get there, travelling at the speed of light! So, another planet for our future generations to eventually f*** up, much like we’ve f***ed up this one!

  • Maximillian Tsane

    Things will get better here on this tiny speck of nothingness as soon as we all learn we are not the most intelligent life in the universe.

  • Brian Clark

    What a load of fresh dinosaur turds… If science wants people to take anything they have to say seriously. they had better get their heads out of the hypothetical statistics blender and come back to reality. We have 0 data on life outside of this planet; all of our analysis and statistics are based on hypothetical reasoning that if planet is circling distant star at certain distance then it should be able to have liquid water.. what a crock… if we were to be able to find one – just one planet outside of earth that has liquid water – we might be able to presume it’s plentiful and bountiful out there.. Unfortunately we have not been able to provide any evidence that it exists anywhere else at all. It might be the rarest of all materials out there in the cosmos for all we know – because honestly – we don’t know much at all.. yet science sure likes to think that it does – even though our species isnt that well to do in the smarts department.

  • Jason P

    Quick, send them Jesus before they burn in hell.

  • johnny

    yeah, and by the time you get to it, you’ll be bat shit crazy… due to cosmic space isolation…
    or getcha ship punctured by asteroids….
    or get killed by crew cuz reason #1 again…

  • utxdoni

    What if they thought global warming was a hoax, and it’s a polluted, festering world ala Blade Runner 2019?

  • http://www.btselem.org/ Lars Holm

    Well, what we need is a interstellar spaceship with warp drive.

  • Paulo Santos

    “…best options for future human colonization…”!!??? … what if there’s an native weaker civilization in there?

    • John Morgan

      I think they would just try and wipe them out and put them on reservations, like the they did when they discovered America.
      More likely though that they would be more advanced than us and we would end up on reservations. If you think about the jump in technology we have had in less than 50 years, the UFO sightings, and with reverse engineering, might ask ourselves where that tech originated from and see if we can make a connection.

      Just because we may not want to believe something does not mean that what someone else believes or knows is wrong, it just means we are not ready to accept it.

  • Basil John

    if any plans of sending people there for testing purposes, COUNT ME IN !!!

  • Marie Larsen

    The real tragedy of this is that it allows us to go right on being wasteful and inconsiderate of our own planet, not doing a renewing thing for it and polluting even when we know we are wrong. We need to grow up before run out of earth. Travel time to elsewhere is beyond our capacities at present.

  • Anthony

    That’s not a realistic spatial perspective. The Oort Cloud should be further out and the a-Centauri should be WAAAY further out. But I still like the model.

  • Ian M. Servicee

    why would we want to colonize a planet that is orbitting around a red dwarf. isnt that star about to die. .

  • Kari Brew

    They have the space craft technology, don;t let them fool you. It doesn’t take that long to get their like they claim either.

  • Allison

    WE don’t need to be going ANYWHERE until WE learn how to manage EARTH properly. And for fuck sake, if they DO send someone to check it out, DON’T send AmeriKKKans! We don’t want to make a bad impression on these people, especially if we intnd to take over their planet and trash it up like this one!

  • Aczel Arpad Csaba

    If there is some OIL too, the U.S.A. will give some Interstellar Democracy for Proxima b in a few decades 4 sure….

  • glennie69

    I need a lot more evidence to be convinced!

  • Nitasha Schneider

    how in the hell am i supposed to read this article, all i see is comments.

  • William Gaffney

    YAY!!!! Hope!

  • Deena Patrick

    Researchers believe there could be some kind of life on this Proxima B, they also mention in this article that they believe this planet has the ideal temperature for the liquid water. So they are not quite sure because they state “there could be,” while they are quite sure about the temperature, being ideal. The temperature they mention are from 90-30 degree C. That is quite a span 37 degree C is equal to 98.6 F and they said it could be three times that temperature so what kind of life form would be there? The earth in the beginning started out with single cell bacteria to multicellular, and bacteria can withstand cold temperatures as well as hot, they also can survive in conditions as aerobic (oxygen) and anaerobic ( without oxygen) users. So when they talk about life forms, we don’t know what level of life form they are talking about. Are they talking bacteria level or multicellular which is a higher life form? So to say there could be life there we don’t know that, because they have not obtain any living proof data as of yet.

  • Philippe Bracq

    Pls, don’t let humans go there!