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Proof there is life on Mars; A person repairing NASA’s Curiosity rover

  • Darrell

    That’s no alien! What you are looking at is the elbow of the ‘arm’ on the front of the vehicle. The camera is on the mast on the right, and it is pointing down to capture only shadow in the photo. You can make out the front of the triangular shape of the solar cell array by looking at the base of the camera mast shadow. Now imagine the arm, elbow, and tool package array at the end of the arm and now you can see where the ‘alien’ is coming from. Sorry folks, this aint no smoking gun. I still think they are out there watching us tho, and they are probably laffin their asses off at us too. Silly Earthlings.

  • Tom N Watson

    I’m resisting the urge to troll right now. In no forum, ever, that I have read or watched, has a shadow been admissible as evidence. And this photo is one more blurry pic of nessie, or Mars-y- or rather, only his/her shadow.

  • Tony

    That’s because there’s no rover on mars it’s all bullshit the photos are taken in a desert probably in California with a shit camera.You think if they were really on mars they would have the best hi resolution imagery available