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Roman Sword discovered off Oak Island Radically Changes History

  • Marco

    To be honest, this word doesn’t look roman at all. It’s highly unusual and the same corrosion is actually weird. BTW…I’m an archeologist and I’ve seen a lot of ancient artifacts. This one is…straneg.

    • michaelsanchez

      What? Hard to believe you are college educated and don’t recognize nonferrous corrosion. That sword is bronze, which is why it oxidized to a green color instead of red.

      • Rose McDonald

        Maybe you should do some research, michaelsanchez; or watch the latest episode of the Oak Island show where, following metallurgical analysis, the sword was PROVED not to be an ancient artifact, but is rather, a badly made reproduction. The patina was also discussed and is more likely an applied finish than one acquired by the natural oxidation of bronze. Finally, the sword is available on Italian eBay for about 75 Euros.Here’s the link: http://www.ebay.it/itm/PARTICOLARE-SCULTURA-COMMEMORATIVA-SPADA-BRONZEA-ROMANA-CON-IMPUGNATURA-STATUA-/30174676845

  • Joseph Tarlton

    FAKE….clue #1 it is on the history channel. Must have been put their by Bigfoot chasing aliens

  • Dre Dawg

    the vikings where here 2000 years before, and even in canada in high school we learned that – plus they found egyptian artifacts in the grand canyon.
    also change your picture of lucky 13, that’s my logo you’re using.

  • I wish my name was Fred

    I’m sure Roman, Phoenician, Greek, and possible even Egyptian vessels made it to the new world, but making back home is what would make it discovering the new world. As far as we know, it was the Vikings who did this first, 500 years before Columbus.

  • FrumiousBander

    Yeah, maybe, but it looks just like the exact same one I bought in the gift shop in Pompeii, right down the the very same phony verdigris “aging.” Call me skeptical about just one more legend about Oak Island.

  • therock

    ‘“We have absolutely been lead to believe that nothing happened on this side of the pond before Christopher Columbus. ‘… Wouldn’t it be odd if we found out that people already lived here??!?

  • http://plainsofexistance.blogspot.ca/ GIANFRANCO FRONZI

    What everybody doesn’t know is , the flat earth era was punishable for even saying it was round . But if you were a sailor during that era you had to know this , but couldn’t tell anyone .

  • danmaher

    What difference does it make if it’s real or not..What would it change outside of maybe losing Columbus Day..

  • michaelsanchez

    Uh, really? You act like there’s some kind of major opposition to this. Like others have noted, it’s very possible and probable that multiple seafaring explorers made it out that far. The real question is not whether someone made it there, but whether they established regular contact, and the answer to that, obviously, is no.

    • http://plainsofexistance.blogspot.ca/ GIANFRANCO FRONZI

      I believe that they did . But would you tell anybody where you got your supplies ?

  • Rose McDonald

    First, J Hutton Pulitzer is not nor was ever the lead researcher or a star of the Oak Island show. In fact, he has been banned from the island because of his out of control behavior. The Laginas did NOT want to go right to the show with the sword, they wanted to have it examined first, and verified as authentic, or shown not to be an ancient artifact.The sword has been examined by professionals in metallurgical analysis. It’s NOT an ancient Roman sword, and is more likely a badly done reproduction made for and sold to the tourist trade. In fact, swords identical to the one seen on Oak Island are available on Italian eBay for about 75 Euros. To date eight nearly identical swords have surfaced, to which Pulitzer then edited his comments by saying the sword was one of a set of ten.
    Perhaps you should contact Jason Colovito or Andy White for additional and accurate information.