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Scientific study claims: Human DNA carries a message from Extraterrestrials

  • Dominik Finky Bálek

    And the message?

    • Michael Dahms

      Be sure to drink your Ovaltine

  • John McClane

    That really sounds like technobabble. Precision and geometry and patterns are not uncommon in nature.

  • Oswaldo Mesias Villacres

    That is exactly the point. Precision and geometry and patterns are not uncommon and might have a cause, a plan a source, That is more sensible than believing in a casual origen..

    • James

      That’s some nice conclusion-jumping you’ve got there, mate.

      • Oswaldo Mesias Villacres

        I said “might have”. That is why it is good to question and research, and not to be stalled by “definitive settled science”

  • Michael R Hudson

    Like all such “theories” the onus is on the scientists to prove it. Why believe this until such a time? We know evolution to be true and we know the earth was ripe for the start of life. Also this does not really solve many unanswered questions because if this was to be true, how did the aliens themselves evolve and from what?

    • Bradley Dugas

      Just replying to the last part, couldn’t humans have been a science project, test tube study and they just decided to unleash it on a habitable planet to see what would happen?

      • Michael R Hudson

        Anything is possible. Unicorns could be yet undiscovered. But where did they come from? It doesn’t answer the question of the start of life, it just pushes it somewhere else. And if it CAN start somewhere else, why not on Earth. Again so far we cannot prove/disprove any theory reliably.

        • Joshua Tanton

          Why is pushing it somewhere else a problem? I personally think we were seeded here. That the origins of humanity do come from outside earth. I think earth had formed it’s own life previous to this event and that life has started on many worlds. But that doesn’t mean we should ignore all the evidence that indicates our species seeding.

          • Michael R Hudson

            No proof = your opinion is just that and not worth considering.

          • Joshua Tanton

            That’s a fairly naive and limiting perspective you have there. I never claimed to have proof, nor believe it is required. But to say something is not worth considering because it lacks proof is like refusing to ever think outside the box. How do you expect to grow your knowledge if you never reach beyond it? All you will ever be is what you are and you will never grow. Very sad. :'( I wish you growth.

          • Michael R Hudson

            No, actually it is neither naive nor limiting. If we believed everything that people could dream up we would never progress as a society (scientifically). For instance your way of thinking is what lead to the anti-vaccination movement (which recently just resulted once again in the death of a small boy), the flat earthers and the creationists. No proof, but they believe anyways. I do think outside the box, and then seek proof that my idea is valid and correct, something you seem unwilling to do. You want to claim something and then sit on that belief. The burden of proof is always on those making the claim, not the other way around. I have a medical degree, though now work as a software engineer so I am no simpleton.

          • Joshua Tanton

            I never said my belief is absolute. If I’m faced with undeniable proof i submit to it. But that doesn’t mean I can’t have opinions and beliefs based off indicative evidence like the researchers in this article. The only thing I said was that it is my opinion humanity was seeded. I never said it was true. But I do think it is more likely to be true than not. But your approach, complete disbelief until prove is just as bad as complete belief until contrary proof. Keeping an open mind and an informed opinion is the best way to approach it. I never told you why I believe it’s more likely humanity was seeded than not, nor am I going to, it would take way too much of my time to collect all the sources, and frankly I don’t care that much.

          • Michael R Hudson

            Again, no my way is not as bad as yours. Science is based on my viewpoint and would not work with yours. People running around with conspiracy theories and believing in things is not benign. Think ISIS – they are doing what you do. I am not saying you are violent, but they follow your way of thinking. So just as their viewpoint is irrelevant, so is one such as yours. Sounds harsh but no one will ever take your belief seriously unless there is evidence and rightly so.

          • Joshua Tanton

            I think you’re missing my point. I don’t care if others take my “belief” seriously. I don’t need validation from anyone, nor do I even really believe the way you are thinking I do. I never said I think something is true, I just think it is likely. I actually don’t believe anyone knows objective truth, because all human knowledge is subjective. No matter how much you think what you know is true there is always some flaw in that. I’m also nothing like religious zealots. I don’t force my will or beliefs on anyone. To say Science is based on your viewpoint shows just how delusional you are. True Science is based on objective fact recorded through observation. Science isn’t based on ANY viewpoint, it’s based on Data. Interpretation of said data is always subjective and that is where science fails. (Don’t get me wrong though I love Science and do see it’s value) Also this whole your way my way thing is ridiculous, as if they are polar opposites or mutually exclusive; neither of which is true.

          • Michael R Hudson

            I will admit I worded it wrong, I should have stated that my viewpoint is based on the scientific method/approach and yours is not. Also you are wrong again about human knowledge being purely subjective, that is a ridiculous claim. It is not subjective that our sun is burns due to nuclear fusion. It is objective observation and calculation that allows us to know that we move around the sun and not the other way around. yes there are many areas of science where subjective interpretation of results are recorded, but these are never claimed as “Facts”, but theories that can be proven with facts or dismissed with facts – NOT someones beliefs or “Likely” beliefs. As for my way, your way – I am simply stating that there is the scientific method being used or not. And the not has never been useful and never will be. It is fine to dream and think out side the box, but until it is proven it is just that – a dream or personal belief and of no use in itself to human knowledge.

          • Joshua Tanton

            It most certainly is subjective. Taking your example given; for all you know this whole reality is a simulation, and the sun you believe to be doesn’t even exist. Or what if general relativity is wrong and the “electric universe” model is more accurate, than the sun is simply an electric diode and not what you say it is. And though you are probably right about the sun, you can’t say 100% that it is true, there is no way of ever knowing 100%. I would say there are only 2 things that I know 100% to be true. The existence of God (as I define it), and the existence of energy. Energy must be real, or I would have no perception, and I certainly have perception. My definition of God is the ultimate infinite being (without going into too much detail). I define God as the sum of all existence. So even if existence was as small as this universe, God would still be. (I personally think reality is measured along infinite dimensions, so this universe being all there is is quite an absurdity). Beyond that, there is room for doubt within everything. (also please note before you go on some anti-god, anti-theist, or even anti-religious rant. I am not religious, I only use the word God because it is a concept most are familiar with). Now I grow weary of this conversation. You don’t see the value of dreams, belief, or imagination. You lack the understanding that sometime these things are more real than the world you define to be “real”. You think because you have your physical senses, that only things you can perceive are real. Your entire life and all that you know are just electrical impulses in your brain. Your brain evolved to make sense of the world just enough so that it can successfully move within that world. But there is so much more to reality that you can’t see, hear, touch, or feel. Open your third eye, infinite “truths” are there for you to find. Being so anchored to the physical realm will leave your spirit lost. You will crumble to ash when your body does, while those who realize their complete selves will exists for eternity in the “everlife” of their design.

          • Michael R Hudson

            Ahh and there it is….God. The imaginary friend of the week minded. I love how you claim that the sun might not be what we think it is but that you *know* God is real. Conversation over, you cannot have an intellectual/logical one with someone who believes in God, Santa Claus, Pink Unicorns, etc.

          • Joshua Tanton

            Ahh and there it is… Atheism the complete idiot squad. HAHA!

          • Michael R Hudson

            You’re a joke. I don’t care what type of god you worship, none of them exist. Bet you needed all those Universities to learn anything at all. Most need only one. Embarrassing that you’re Canadian.

          • Joshua Tanton

            Who said I worship this God. I believe all to be a part of it. I simply Love others, attempt to do so as selflessly as possible. Clearly most of my actions are motivated by selfish motivations. But I do my best to act with selfless motivations when interacting with others. with strangers it comes out in little things, with those I see regularly it comes out as respect. and For those I care for deeply it comes out as completely. I do not do this for any afterlife. I believe I am a Spiritual being having a human experience. One of but infinite experiences. I believe in a multiverse, and that all Spirit is a substance measured in n-space. 3 of these dimensions are spatial, another 3 temporal (duration, quantum randomness, and qr’s phase-space). I imagine many to be dimensions of the aspects of consciousness itself in all its infinite forms, who knows all the infinite ways to measure reality? The construct of “Yourself” is what you make it. I choose to perceive myself as more than this one linear human experience. By attempting to Love others I progressively define that Spiritual volume I consider to be “myself”, but within the direction I desire. The religious concepts of “Kingdom of Heaven” or “Nevana” by the original progenitors of the idea at least, were embracing Spiritual Volume consistent with Love and Happiness respectively. Other such realms like the biblical “Hell” or “Purgatory” or other mythological concepts embrace other constructs like Hopelessness and Limbo. Of coarse there is no such thing as an afterlife. There is only the Everlife. Your Spirit is eternal, transcending the dimensions of time and space. How you choose to live is how you define your spirit. I apologize where I was embracing Ego early in this dialog, I sometimes do that in response to Ego. That is my own weakness. Pride is quite the Enemy of Love after all. What I define as God would be the infinite grid which n-space exists. Now lets pretend that your view of the world is accurate, and that you believe that only 4 dimensions exist; length, width, height, and duration. (I’m assuming you think this for the argument, I’m sure it’s possible you believe in other dimensions of reality as well). The grid in which we just defined, is what I would call God. I never said I worshiped it (at least not in the way you think). But I do believe to be a part of it. I think everything that is can be described with the old concept of ying-and-yang. You can embrace either core current in reality, each with infinite paths. But within each there will always be the image of the other. Even you can’t deny you are a piece of data in a 4 dimensional grid. And that statement along with my definition of God ensures his existence.

          • Joshua Tanton

            Also my bad using “his” that’s a bad habbit. I should have said “their”

          • Joshua Tanton

            I never said I believed in the Christian God or any religions God. you assumed it was truth and acted on it. Oh the foolish! My complete definition of God is something I have even gotten devote atheist to admit to existing. I never took the time to explain the complete complexity to you, nor will I. Another testament to your delusion is in thinking we were having a conversation.

  • Ahoy Matey

    Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-tarded! (like the Ricola commercials) So like, when we first came y’all were freakin out like it was the end or something. Yeah…. maybe, some of the more opportunistic amongst us took advantage of that in a big way, and at first it was a joke, but y’all started killing each over it. So, we left forever, like, Earth is totally off limits. But, there’s always those couple of douchebagels that loves to go fuck with you guys and it totally throws you guys off. Like, just think about how an ant must feel when it’s removed from its natural habitat and then put back, right? Well, it’s like that, you guys totally take everything to the butt.

    So, fast-forward to present time. You guys never stopped killing each other over, well, just about everything. We’re like historical villains now, thanks to you. Everything you were able to learn from us, we may have accidentally left a few things behind. You just horde and try to kill each other with, you guys are totally outta control, and now; there are committees out here advocating that we need to “save” your plant from you guys because you guys are such a mess, and we’re like !!!..whoa. no….!!!

    In any event, y’all are at a very sensitive time in history right now, and we hope you make the right decisions because we are totally not about “saving” the Earth from you lemmings. Yah dig? *wink wink*

    P.S. You guys are so lame, don’t freakout every time someone posts a stupid youtube video or posts something online about us. None of it’s true, please stop being so mentally weak.


  • Joshua Petersen

    “scientists”… right.
    I’ll remain skeptical of this until an actual scientist from a non-religious university that doesn’t have ulterior motives peer reviews and supports it.

    • Joshua Tanton

      sorry to burst your bubbles but the non-religious scientists you refer to DO have ulterior motives! notice how you don’t see any of these scientists speaking out against global warming, even though objectively speaking all statistics used to support this theory are completely manipulated and inaccurately presented. Clearly mainstream science is more about pushing the agendas of those that fund them than actual scientific discovery. alternative theories like the electric universe theory are incorrectly labeled by the mainstream as pseudoscience simply because they don’t base their theories of the assumptions of the big bang like all the other scientists. Look at history, everyone believes one thing, all the scientists base their theories on this fundamentally flawed understanding and everyone things its correct. Then someone comes around and says they are wrong, proposes a new way of thinking. Everyone thinks they’re crazy, ostracizes them from the community and continue on with their collective delusions. Until years after that persons death, everyone realizes he was actually right and finally people start to explore based on the new foundation. Cycle then repeats itself. Your attitude is filled with elitism towards a willfully ignorant group of people satisfying the agendas of powerful men. -That being said this articles doesn’t actually prove anything, it just proposes a theory and points at some evidence that could potentially support it. So in that sense you have every right to remain skeptical, but your report motivations for doing so are what concern me.

  • Mark O’Blazney

    ever seen a mushroom spore out?


    “Biological SETI” as they are calling it, which is a mathematical code located within the human DNA, something that cannot be explained by the process of evolution as traditional theories claim.

    As if their explanation of the complex “code” of DNA, now with a secondary code in the original and NOW this mathematical code on top of that, is feasibly explained by and accidental origin…what bologna!

    THEN they say, which sounds “more plausible” from these findings…that there is a GOD or Aliens seeded the planet? In other words, from this study, DNA in no way could occurred by random, non-planned accident…however, God can’t be it. Why? because they won’t “ACCEPT” that…not that it’s TRUE. Aliens seeding the planet and then we having to find out how THEY were created makes MORE sense than God, creating everything.

    I realize WHY they do not want the explanation of GOD as THE CREATOR…if HE exists then WE are subject to HIM! The WE have to answer to HIM, we are responsible for our actions and WE must give an account on what we have done with HIM. To these scientists and the Radical Left, this “GOD” must be denied at ALL COSTS…if not…there are a whole lot of people in big, horrific trouble! So instead of seeking God, they rather lie to themselves about HIM.

    It’s like being doused with gasoline and calling the guy standing next to you with a lighter, a figment of your imagination….but then…the lighter drops. The alternative, acknowledge the guy with the lighter, apologize for ignoring him, accept His sacrifice for your bad conduct and sinful decisions, he frees you, cleans off the gasoline, and then makes you an inheritor of his wealth and world.

    When it is explained that “the Gates of Hell are WIDE, and the Gates of Heaven Narrow”…these articles and thousands like it, a clear explanations of why this statement is dead on TRUE!