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Scientist claims: Aliens are ‘Immortal Robots’ and they are Billions of years old

  • http://keithjohnson.us Keith Johnson

    Interesting outlook. But if the highest intelligence in the universe is machine based or AI based, what is the need for organic life like human life? If machines know everything, why would they invest time and energy in growing human beings, like a science project? What is there to gain?

    • Eric Carstens

      after somehow getting out of their makers

  • CelestiaQuesta

    Advanced cyber beings would not allow sub beings AA status or offer diversity quotas to underperforming AI when they can breed the best to further advance cosmic enlightenment.

  • http://Kovotography.co.uk Allan McMillan

    Perfectly plausible! Human carbon life as we know it evolves on a planet with a certain gravitational force which moulds life to exist within that ecology, now it we could advance to create a machine that can hold human consciousness but allow us to take flight into space we could exist for eons without suffering the devastating degradation and limitation on such bodies that weightlessness would cause, additionally as we advanced we could easily transport that consciousness to more advanced mechanical forms as new advances appear, therefor bypassing “death” as there would always be a backup to that consciousness.
    If we could then advance the limited capacity of a single human brain exponentially to encompass the experiences of the collective knowledge at will then we would take on what we know perceive to be a God Like persona.
    There is one more attention to this way of thinking in if these consciousnesses could some how even break the bonds of needing a robotic machines to live within and exist as pure energy beings within the matter available in the multidimensional universe where even we cannot comprehend such spiritual practicality but millions of years of advancement would maybe possible.
    but to such beings we would be just a mammal living on an isolated planet worthy of an inconspicuouse visit to the zoo.